Thursday, February 19

Good News/Bad News

I've been home sick with a stomach bug for two days. I'm also suffering from a lot of guilt because, between national holidays and my own vacation time, I've haven't been at work much lately. I always feel somewhat guilty staying home sick but especially lately. A few weeks ago a lot of good friends lost their jobs due to layoffs. This is hardly unique to my company. In fact I can't think of another company I associate with that hasn't had at least one round of layoffs. Some companies I know of have had up to three rounds of lay offs. All I know is that it all sucks. I've been laid off before and was unemployed for 7 months. I didn't like it. On one hand you keep thinking that you should try to enjoy the down time but it's all so stressful that there doesn't seem to be any down time. In other words, I'm extremely grateful to have a job that provides two days of paid sick time.

So, here I am recovering from the effects of Montezuma's evil twin and feeling guilty. I did manage to get a lot of sleep so that helped. I also got to read a lot. I turned off the tv and listened to a lot of classical music. Lately I've been really into Rachmaninoff's Vespers , Chopin's Nocturnes and a disc called Classics for the Heart (cheesy name, really good classical mix). It's all extremely mellow stuff bordering on the depressing but excellent to read to. At least I find it relaxing to read to. I'm not sure what this selection of music says about my state of mind lately. All I know is that I've read the first two Sookie Stackhouse books in the past couple of days. For those of you who enjoy HBO's True Blood, this means that I still love Bill but Eric is growing on me. A friend warned me this might happen. It all just makes me look forward to True Blood returning this summer even more.


kb said...

Glad you are enjoying some much needed relaxation, but I'm sorry it's because you've been sick. Hope you feel better!!

shandon said...

Sick in bed, reading ... good excuse for not blogging much lately! ;-) Let me know how Sookie's literary adventures compare to her TV ones. And feel better soon!