Monday, August 24

Pocket, Chuck Pocket

Before the snake appeared yesterday morning we had another adventure.

My niece and nephew's first day back to school was today. I knew they needed a decent bedtime in preparation. I had them both in their pjs with brushed teeth and low lights by 8:30 pm. The mood was just right for slumber. My niece was just drifting off when her brother lost his mind and jumped on her. Shaking his head he later admitted later that he didn't know what he was thinking. Well, that set her off and she was hyper for the next hour. (Let's just say the kid can't hold her sugar. Lesson learned.) Eventually she brought some Polly Pocket dolls, a convertible and some folding doll houses onto the bed to play. I told her it was fine as long as she was quiet. I'm easy.

Niece: This is the mommy (holding up one Polly Pocket). She has four kids (holding up a fistful of Pollys in her other hand).
Lucy: That's a big family. Where is the daddy?
Niece: He died. His name was Chuck.

This matter of fact delivery of his fate and name struck me as funny. I tried not to laugh but it really was funny and SO MUCH like something my brother might say.

Soon the kids were reenacting all kinds of possible ends to Chuck's short life. Chuck was eventually lost behind a bookcase. With the assistance of Grandpa's flashlight, Chuck was rescued and everyone went to sleep.

The next morning my niece came into my bedroom to show me portraits of Chuck she had taken with my phone. It seems Chuck had a bad morning. Due to some dreadful fit of tug-of-war he was snapped in two. The last time I saw Chuck his top half was with the Monopoly boards markers, to be appreciated at a later date, while his bottom half was in a bucket mixed in with about 4 dozen other Polly Pocket dolls and clothes.

Chuck is now wallpaper on my phone.

Here is Chuck soon after his split. Just look at the tragic expression on his face. That's sort of how I felt today at work.

Sunday, August 23

Uh oh...

The kids (my niece and nephew) spent the night last night. It's official, my niece can not hold her sugar. She had a 100 calorie pack of Twinkies then got hold of who knows how many Oreos and some grapes for good measure. She spun into a frenzy then crashed about 9:30 last night. Lesson learned.

This morning I watched as my niece walked down the steps to the lower yard then quickly run back up to get her brother. They walked down the stairs together then ran up again to get us.

Kids: "We think the bear is back."
Lucy: "Why?"
Kids: "We found a dead snake and his back is gone."
Lucy: *Thinking 'That's weird, bears don't eat snakes, that I know of, and what do the mean it's back is gone?'* "Are you sure it's dead."
Kids: "Oh yeah, he's dead."

I walked in front of them as they directed me down the steps. I got about half way down the stairs and saw this:

Lucy: "Umm, that's a rattlesnake. How close did you get to it?"
Kids: Not too close. Not as close as you are now."
Lucy: "You didn't poke it or anything did you?"
Kids: "No! Dad says never poke a snake."
Lucy: "Dad's right. Ewww, he's sticking his tongue out."

I knows it's hard to see but he's coming out of a hole in the rail road tie in the steps. The kids thought he was dead because he looked like he'd been cut on half. I'm no expert but I believe he's a Southern Pacific Rattlesnake. He's very dark, almost black but has the diamonds on his back. What I do know is that he's creepy! (I don't even know if he is in fact a "he" but I'll assume it.)

I never got to see how long he was but he was big enough to stay away from. I never heard it's rattle but since it was in the wood we could have been on top of it and never heard it's warning. *shudder*

My niece called her mom to tell her about the snake. They may never be allowed to come here again. It's not exactly a kid friendly yard. Without a dog to keep it clear it's worse than ever. A condo is looking better and better every day.

I can't wait for winter. The season of no bears or snakes. Bring it on.

Friday, August 21

Favorite quote of the day

Lucy: How did the shoot go yesterday?
D: Oh, it was good. One girl was incredibly professional. The other kid was a real piece of work.
Lucy: What do you mean?
D: She was just a total sour puss. She wore an annoyed expression the whole time. She was only 6. I don't know why she was so bitter.
Lucy: Well did my stuff at least make it on the good kid?
D: Yeah, after about 10 minutes it just wasn't working out with the bitter one. We did our best with her but the best shots are of the cool model.
Lucy: Where was the mom? Did you say anything to her?
D: No but we won't work with her again. I came SO close to whispering in that kid's ear "The tooth fairy pees in your mouth when she leaves you money."

Ooooooh, that's the good stuff. I'm still laughing. I told D that a comment like that would scar a kid for life. He agreed. I hope I never have to use that line but it's good to know I've got it in my back pocket. Muwuhuhahahaha.

Saturday, August 8

Is it fall yet?

I seriously DO NOT like summer. I mean, I like summer fruit and the movies can be kind of fun, and the Hollywood Bowl is perfection but otherwise it's just too hot and hateful. As a result, I start to look forward to fall around May 1st. So, now that it's August what am I looking forward to in the fall? Well, aside from getting an immature thrill from knowing that back-to-school no longer applies to me. I don't think I'll ever get over that joy. Aside from that, I'm looking forward to some fun new television. My favorite upcoming shows are:

Mad Men - Season 3
(August 16th - AMC)
This is a show I got into at my moms insistence. She was right, it's great. If you haven't seen it, take the time to catch up, you won't be sorry.

Project Runway - Season who-the-heck-knows
(August 20th - Lifetime)
I was a late comer to this show but I've watched the last 2 seasons and I've really enjoyed them. It's good mindless tv, give it a try.

Glee - Season 1
(September 9th - Fox)
I saw the one episode that aired a while back and just plain loved it. I can't wait for more.

Jay Leno - Season 1 of about a 25
(September 14th - NBC)
I wouldn't say I'm looking forward to this as much as I'm curious about it. My loyalty to late night tv is entirely reliant upon guest lineup. I'll probably check out the first week's shows then lose interest. That's what happened to poor Conan. I'm now back watching only when a good guest is on.

Dexter - Season 4
(September 27th - Showtime)
The first season billboard campaign was a huge turn-off for me so I avoided the show at first. Eventually a friend insisted that I'd like it so I gave it a try. Turns out my friend was right. I really did like it but, as usual, I lost interest between seasons and never got around to catching up. Showtime lured me back to the show with it's Summer Of Dexter lineup. They have been airing 2 episodes every Sunday night all summer. I'm completely addicted again and will be all caught up by the time season 4 premieres.

National Parks: America's Best Idea - A Ken Burns Film
(September 27th - PBS)
Uh oh, we have a conflict. Well, I'll just have to figure out how to catch Dexter AND this cool documentary on the 27th. I love Ken Burns films and I really love that they always premiere in the fall. This one looks like an especially pretty one too.

True Blood - Season 2
(On going - HBO)
Ok, this has admittedly been a rocky season so far. I've not been entirely satisfied with it but it has been picking up lately. I'll see it through but, well, it better get a helluva lot better... pronto.

And then there are a new Fall shows that I'm ashamed to even be even vaguely curious about, shows like Eastwick and Vampire Diaries. I've never watched a CW show and I probably won't start now but we'll see.

So that's what I'm looking forward to. What about you? Please be sure to give me a heads up on any good tv buzz I may have skipped.

Wednesday, August 5

This I enjoy

Can I get an amen? :)