Sunday, August 23

Uh oh...

The kids (my niece and nephew) spent the night last night. It's official, my niece can not hold her sugar. She had a 100 calorie pack of Twinkies then got hold of who knows how many Oreos and some grapes for good measure. She spun into a frenzy then crashed about 9:30 last night. Lesson learned.

This morning I watched as my niece walked down the steps to the lower yard then quickly run back up to get her brother. They walked down the stairs together then ran up again to get us.

Kids: "We think the bear is back."
Lucy: "Why?"
Kids: "We found a dead snake and his back is gone."
Lucy: *Thinking 'That's weird, bears don't eat snakes, that I know of, and what do the mean it's back is gone?'* "Are you sure it's dead."
Kids: "Oh yeah, he's dead."

I walked in front of them as they directed me down the steps. I got about half way down the stairs and saw this:

Lucy: "Umm, that's a rattlesnake. How close did you get to it?"
Kids: Not too close. Not as close as you are now."
Lucy: "You didn't poke it or anything did you?"
Kids: "No! Dad says never poke a snake."
Lucy: "Dad's right. Ewww, he's sticking his tongue out."

I knows it's hard to see but he's coming out of a hole in the rail road tie in the steps. The kids thought he was dead because he looked like he'd been cut on half. I'm no expert but I believe he's a Southern Pacific Rattlesnake. He's very dark, almost black but has the diamonds on his back. What I do know is that he's creepy! (I don't even know if he is in fact a "he" but I'll assume it.)

I never got to see how long he was but he was big enough to stay away from. I never heard it's rattle but since it was in the wood we could have been on top of it and never heard it's warning. *shudder*

My niece called her mom to tell her about the snake. They may never be allowed to come here again. It's not exactly a kid friendly yard. Without a dog to keep it clear it's worse than ever. A condo is looking better and better every day.

I can't wait for winter. The season of no bears or snakes. Bring it on.


shandon said...

Holy crap! Your home is gettin' creepier by the minute!

kb said...

OK, I fully expect to hear next that a moose wandered into your backyard and was staring at your Mom through the kitchen window. You have one wild animal nature center going on up there!