Saturday, August 8

Is it fall yet?

I seriously DO NOT like summer. I mean, I like summer fruit and the movies can be kind of fun, and the Hollywood Bowl is perfection but otherwise it's just too hot and hateful. As a result, I start to look forward to fall around May 1st. So, now that it's August what am I looking forward to in the fall? Well, aside from getting an immature thrill from knowing that back-to-school no longer applies to me. I don't think I'll ever get over that joy. Aside from that, I'm looking forward to some fun new television. My favorite upcoming shows are:

Mad Men - Season 3
(August 16th - AMC)
This is a show I got into at my moms insistence. She was right, it's great. If you haven't seen it, take the time to catch up, you won't be sorry.

Project Runway - Season who-the-heck-knows
(August 20th - Lifetime)
I was a late comer to this show but I've watched the last 2 seasons and I've really enjoyed them. It's good mindless tv, give it a try.

Glee - Season 1
(September 9th - Fox)
I saw the one episode that aired a while back and just plain loved it. I can't wait for more.

Jay Leno - Season 1 of about a 25
(September 14th - NBC)
I wouldn't say I'm looking forward to this as much as I'm curious about it. My loyalty to late night tv is entirely reliant upon guest lineup. I'll probably check out the first week's shows then lose interest. That's what happened to poor Conan. I'm now back watching only when a good guest is on.

Dexter - Season 4
(September 27th - Showtime)
The first season billboard campaign was a huge turn-off for me so I avoided the show at first. Eventually a friend insisted that I'd like it so I gave it a try. Turns out my friend was right. I really did like it but, as usual, I lost interest between seasons and never got around to catching up. Showtime lured me back to the show with it's Summer Of Dexter lineup. They have been airing 2 episodes every Sunday night all summer. I'm completely addicted again and will be all caught up by the time season 4 premieres.

National Parks: America's Best Idea - A Ken Burns Film
(September 27th - PBS)
Uh oh, we have a conflict. Well, I'll just have to figure out how to catch Dexter AND this cool documentary on the 27th. I love Ken Burns films and I really love that they always premiere in the fall. This one looks like an especially pretty one too.

True Blood - Season 2
(On going - HBO)
Ok, this has admittedly been a rocky season so far. I've not been entirely satisfied with it but it has been picking up lately. I'll see it through but, well, it better get a helluva lot better... pronto.

And then there are a new Fall shows that I'm ashamed to even be even vaguely curious about, shows like Eastwick and Vampire Diaries. I've never watched a CW show and I probably won't start now but we'll see.

So that's what I'm looking forward to. What about you? Please be sure to give me a heads up on any good tv buzz I may have skipped.

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