Saturday, December 30


Today I saw a few great things. One was a a film called Pan's Labyrinth. I read a good review of it yesterday and it sounded intriguing enough to check out. I really liked it. It's being called a fairy tale for adults and now I know why. This is not one for the kiddies people. I won't tell you anything except go see it. (Holy cow! I just did a search for an image to place here and found this. 99% approval?! Shandon, do you think this makes up for the fact that I liked The Holiday?)

Before I left, I saw a trailer for a new Showtime series called The Tudors. Yippee! My favorite family!! It looks great. It better be. It would be a tragedy to ruin that story. Such great material... I can't wait!!

Anyone who knows me, knows that a year ago I hauled my butt overseas primarily to see where Anne Boleyn got her head lopped off. Strange? Yes. Fascinating? Absolutely. Now, if you don't know who Anne Boleyn is then we can't be friends anymore. Well, not until you look into her, her daughter's, especially, her husband's stories. As her final resting place, The Tower of London is an amazing spot that everyone should make an effort to check out. I'd been to London once before but, at the time, I knew little of England's history and, to be honest, didn't really grasp what I was seeing. I'm still amazingly weak in history but I'm slightly more knowledgeable now. The more I learn about it the more obsessed I become. It's not that I'm a great admirer of that, or any, era of English monarchy, it's more like a car wreck. You don't want to look but you just can't help yourself. I can't help but learn more and more about Henry and his clan. Also, I just plain love the fact that he about went nuts trying to have a male heir and it was ultimately his daughter who became, arguably, England's greatest ruler. Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor? I feel bad for the women who got in the way of Henry's ambitions but, come on, the irony is fantastic.

In that same vein, I'm now watching a netflix'd PBS special called The Monarchy. It's good but, as usual, I'm multi-tasking (like writing this post) while "watching" it. I find myself looking up and thinking "wait, where did the Vikings go? How did we already get to Edward the Confessor? (How's that for an unfortunate name? I believe it refers to his chaste ways not an undiagnosed case of Tourette's as I like to think.) He was, however, responsible for getting Westminster Abbey going but nobody mentions that detail. His dad was called Ehelred the Unready... oh, I could go on and on those kings with unfortunate names but I'll spare you.

So here I sit, once again geeking out on English history. It's shaping up to be a great day.

Friday, December 29

Dipping my toe in

Well, I did it. I called the mortgage broker my sister-in-law recommended. She was very nice. She did, however, sound mildly bummed when I told the high end of my monthly payment threshold but it is what it is. I gave her other details and she will be running a credit report and getting back to me next week. I'm mostly annoyed that it will reflect my credit card that still has my new tires, recent car repairs, new bed and Christmas purchases on it. The timing may not be great but again, it is what it is.

Because money was on my mind I called my credit union to confirm I had in fact paid off my consolidation loan (I couldn't remember if it was this month or next). It's paid off! I also wanted to confirm that they would not continue to withdraw funds like they did when I paid off my last car loan. (I showed up in person and asked "How many times do I have to pay for this car?" The told me it sometimes takes a few months for them to stop taking payments. That was their line until I said "You are no longer legally authorized to dip into my account." That freaked them out enough to call a Manager who stopped the payments and handed me cash for the mix up. Harumph!)

I then went online and notched down my 401k contribution. I was at 14%. Pretty good huh? Well, I dropped it down to 8% we'll see what kind of difference that makes.
Next I started shredding old statements and credit card solicitations. I noticed my current rate had inched up to 10% so I called my bank and simply said "I'd like to discuss my interest rate." The representative took some info and immediately said "I've got great news for you. I can lower it to 5%." I paused, because I'm getting offers of 0% for a year from other banks. She then said "It's the best I can do for existing balances." I took it. Take what you can get right? Due to her startlingly quick response to a question I hadn't even asked I said "Sooo, I guess that means I'm in pretty good standing with you guys?" She said "Uh, yeah." Well, that's good to hear considering what I'm diving into.

So it's been a day of financial Spring cleaning.

With that in mind I'd now like to take a moment now to apologize for even less interesting future blog entries. I know how it is to hear someone go on and on about stuff you're not interested in ( kids, home remodeling, refinancing, birthing stories... these are a few of my least favorite things) but I'm bound to become just such a blogger. Sorry! The good news is you few readers can enjoy my first time home owner panic from afar and thank you lucky stars it's me and not you going through the hell of it all.

My next step is dive into the world of selling junk on eBay. There must be somebody who's willing to give dollars for some old clothes and white elephant gifts. You know I'll keep you posted...

Wednesday, December 27


I have this week off and I have kept my calendar pretty clear. I've watched my Northern Exposure DVDs and I'm starting in on my Mary Tyler Moore Show set. I shopped and had lunch with Mom, I hooked up the printer I got for my folks (it works great!) and I saw the kids yesterday. (Sidebar: Little Miss loves Brie cheese. She was eating some on water crackers when my brother heard her dancing around the house singing "Body of Christ. Body of Christ. Brie and Body of Christ." Needless to say, I think she gets that from my side of the family.) The most stressful thing I've done is get the number of a mortgage broker. Yes, I'm thinking of buying a place somewhere. I'm super nervous about it because I'm not convinced it's do-able in LA on a single salary but there's only one way to find out. Of course, I haven't made the call yet but I will. I want to get pre-qualified before I start looking. My worst nightmare is to fall in love with a place I can actually afford then lose it because of a technicality. Watching MTM is helping me find some courage. Mary moved to Minneapolis knowing only Phyllis and started a new life to get away from a noncommittal guy all because she had spunk! Surely I can make a call. *sigh*

Monday, December 25

Merry Christmas

Mom hosted Christmas Eve dinner since Mom, Dad and I plan to have Christmas dinner at my Aunt's house today and won't be seeing my brother and his family. We exchanged gifts with the kids and my brother and sil. My sil's mom, grandmother and her mom's cousins joined us. It was a great afternoon/evening. My nephew got the Nintendo DS he'd been longing for (it's pretty cool too) and my niece got lots of clothes and a double stroller for her doll, Ally. The first thing Little Miss did once she had Ally bundled in a new outfit, was take her for "a ride" on the new driveway. We have a somewhat steep circular driveway. Little Miss ran to the end of the drive then let the stroller go. She chased it, caught up up with it and stopped it from disaster just in time. I could hear my dad laughing and Little Miss calling for me. Of course she runs to the top of the drive to reenact the daredevil act but this time somehow gets confused and misjudges where Ally's heading. The stroller crashed into the brick planter. I commented that it was a good thing Ally was wearing her seat belt and that if she planned to continue living with Little Miss she better get a crash helmet.

As for me, I got a supremely soft blanket from the kids. My sil explained that Little Man insisted on it for me. She said "He's concerned with everyones comfort this year." I loved it and was touched by his thoughtfulness. I also got the much sought after Mary Tyler Moore Show Season One DVD set AND Season One and Two of Northern Exposure. Happy days are here again!!

Dinner was, as always, wonderful. Mom made the biggest prime rib I've ever seen.

This morning Mom, Dad and I exchanged gifts. Here's a sample of why I love my folks:

Dad: Oh! A new shirt!
Mom: Well, I couldn't find the yellow one so I got this instead.
Dad: It's great!
Mom: It replaces the one you gave to that Mexican.
Me: What?
Mom: Your father gave his favorite shirt to some Mexican.
Dad: Not "some Mexican", I gave it to Lito.
Me: Who's Lito and why does he have your shirt?
Dad: Well, he kept admiring it and seemed to like it so much so I gave it to him. He wears it all the time.
Me: Who's Lito?
Dad: He coordinates our birding trips in Mexico. You know, he gets the mules, bird guides, cooks...
Me: Mules?!
Dad: Well yeah, we need pack mules to get our gear up into the cloud forest.
Me: Cloud forest? What's a cloud forest?

He went on to explain the amazing terrain in this mystical mecca for birders. It's apparently quite a destination that has, according to dad, a barracks that is "just this side of primitive". Mom just looked knowingly at me as if to say "It's your basic nightmare." It sounded cool but I doubt I'd enjoy the mule trek. According to dad it's along one of the oldest trails from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast. It's so old and well traveled that it's now a rut about 3 feet deep. I don't think I'd do well there.

We're forever having conversations just like this. My parents are always talking about events they assume I'm privy to. I never know what they're talking about but it definitely keeps things interesting.

I love my family and am so grateful for them.

Saturday, December 23

Done, done!

I finished my Christmas shopping today. I got to Nordstrom at 8:00 then made the rounds to a few more stores depending when they progressively opened. I'm happy with my choices and thankful that they are (mostly) all wrapped and under the tree. (Too bad I never looked as elegant as the diva to the left.)

It was a good day. After shopping I got my hair colored ('cause Granny hate grey) then saw The Holiday. It hasn't received very complimentary reviews but it was just what I wanted to see today. I've long known that if a film features good real estate I tend to like it. This one had my favorite variety of real estate, an English cottage. They had me at the first shot of that house. Also, I've never been much of a Jude Law fan but he's pretty dreamy in this one.

Oh, and speaking of movies (again) last night I realized why I hate cats so much. It's those Siamese cats, Si and Am, in Lady and the Tramp. I watched it last night and remembered that I saw the movie as a young girl and to this day that is exactly how I perceive all cats. They're sneaky, destructive and creepy. Blechh! Si and Am do, however, sing a pretty great song.

Tonight's showing was going to be Bridget Jones' Diary but Law & Order just came on. Have I ever mentioned my Pavlovian response to Law & Order? I'm fine until I hear that opening "dun, dun" then it's all over. I simply can not turn away. That damn show is in hard core syndication so it can be quite a problem. I swear no show can hook me quicker. Ask anyone in my family, I'll be heading out the door to go somewhere and see that Law & Order is on, I'll try to run before the "dun, dun" but it's no use. Oh well, guess Bridget will have to wait.

Friday, December 22

Beat it!

I'm at war with some dipshit at work. Because we carpool, my carpool partner, Lynn, and I share an assigned parking spot. It's a beautiful spot because parking in the new building is a bit tough to come by these days. Well, someone in a black Altima had been parking in our spot. Lynn and I are allowed to park in it even when we don't carpool if one of us is out sick or traveling. For instance, we couldn't carpool on Thursday because I had an off site meeting in the morning and Lynn had to get herself to the airport in the afternoon. I arrived at work around noon and figured if Lynn hadn't parked in our spot that I would. Well, black Altima was there. I mentioned the intrusion to Lynn and we decided we should TP the offender's car. Then I logged on to Shandon's blog and found something even better. There is a clearly marked message on the spot stating "Reserved Carpool Parking" but I think visitors are assuming empty carpool spots are open to them. We may have to go down there and decorate our spot with chalk messages like "Hey moron, this spot is an assigned spot. Just because I drive to lunch doesn't mean you get to park here." Of course, I have a feeling that message would be frowned upon. Maybe Lynn and I just need to draw peace signs, flowers and our names all over it. If we make it look like a 12-year-old's bedroom door it might scare the offender off. Hmm, maybe we'll just have someone chalk this over our spot:

Sidebar: Another Lynn from work told me about this fabulous use of the internet. What a wonderful world! In a nut shell, it's a site dedicated to calling out the men who have cheated on the posters. Not sure if that new great guy is so great after all? Look him up and see if he shows up on the DDHG database. Aside from having a great web site name, it also promotes some deserving women's organizations. It's nice when people take karma into their own hands.

Oh, and did you see that "Anonymous" was kind enough to compliment my blog but considered it "a bit radical". How exciting! I've always wanted to be a radical. I wonder if it's from Trooper's buddy. If so, just know that we heart Trooper!

Wednesday, December 20

Trooper, this one's for you

After I discovered that fabu Jennifer Holiday clip on Youtube I've been searching for other Broadway performances. I've found several clips from past Tony Award shows. I've also found some clearly bootlegged clips taken from live shows like this one. While I'd be really annoyed at if I were seated next to someone filming a live performance I sure do like seeing these captured in some way.

This tore me up when I saw it on the Tony Awards. Later that year I made it my all time first Broadway show. I cried throughout. Not only because of the story, but because I couldn't believe I was finally sitting in a Broadway theater seeing such a quintessential Broadway show. It blew me away.

Wicked is also a big deal to me. I was lucky enough to see Edina sing this while I sat in the second row. I was with my boss and had been raving about the music for ages. After this song she leaned over and said "Holy shit!" Although, Edina was better when I saw her live this is still a good clip. (Maybe she was nervous.)

I didn't get to see Sutton Foster perform this but whoever toured in LA was fantastic. Gimme Gimme starts out slowly but builds into an honest to God showstopper. It also made me misty because it's performed alone on a stage under a spotlight. That kind of talent always gets to me. (Sorry about the poor quality of the clip.) This is also a great song from Thoroughly Modern Millie (one of my favorite shows). Let's just say you really don't want to be driving behind me while I'm singing along to this one during my morning commute. I can not only sing all but the very end but I like to try the tap dancing. It doesn't really work in traffic. Trust me.

One of the funniest shows I've seen. (Recognize the Lady of the Lake?) This one may have made me laugh even harder.

Another fun show.

Here's one Annie... and another who's all grown up. (Do you think she's sick of that song yet?)

Tony sang Bring Him Home at a Desert Storm benefit concert and tore the roof off.

I have no idea when or where this aired, but I likey. (another "One" I like to listen to in traffic.)

I haven't seen this one but I hear from several friends that it's great. Bad name, great show. I never saw this either but saw this on a Broadway highlights show and loved it.

Here's one I'm looking forward to seeing in '07. (Click on "Videos" then "Watch Now.")

And to round it out, here's some Fosse on film. So fabulous.

The Lonely

As I've mentioned, my sister-in-law recently lost her father to cancer. Yesterday, my mom, s-i-l, her mom and my niece went to lunch. Well, they were all having a nice lunch when, after the meal, my niece climbed up on s-i-l's lap. Little Miss whispered into sil's ear then turned her head away from everyone. My s-i-l turned to her mom and said "She wants to know how the lonely is."

Now seriously, isn't that about the sweetest thing you've ever heard? Those kids break my heart all the time. The fact that she's worried about her grandmother but doesn't quite know how to express herself is so adorable.

In case you're also wondering about the lonely, Little Miss got the following reply to her question: "the lonely is all right. I have my pets to keep me company in the evenings and I'm doing ok."

Tuesday, December 19

... and I am telling you

Last night was great! Tony and I got advanced tickets to see Dreamgirls at the Arclight (aka the Cinerama Dome as I will forever call it). I've been looking forward to seeing it for ages and it lived up to every expectation. That being said, I had been somewhat skeptical because I couldn't understand how ANYONE could come close to filling Jennifer Holiday's shoes (I dare you to not get the chills in this clip. If you don't know the story, wait for the money at 3 1/2 minutes. Trust me. Oh, and you're welcome.) but I am telling you Miss Jennifer Hudson does a remarkable job. Who knew an American Idol cast off could act?! I'm not necessarily a Beyonce fan but she was awfully good too.

Seeing it with "the boys" (Oh, like you've never done this. Ok, maybe you haven't filmed it but we should all lip sync with that kind of abandon at least once a day.) was also a plus. I always like seeing new films with other enthusiastic film goers because it adds so much to the experience. You haven't lived until you've seen an opening night film at the dome or Grauman's Chinese Theater. Fans stand in line forever and are some of the most harsh critics out there. If a movie doesn't measure up, those crowds will be sure to express their disappointment. On the other hand, if they approve of the new Star Wars , Star Trek, Harry Potter or whatever, they will applaud wildly. They also keep the talkers and other noise makers under control, which I love.

Last night was all about a great crowd in a great venue. Because we were on the floor of the dome the screen wrapped around us and the sound was fantastic. When Beyonce turned around in the big-haired Diana Ross get-up... well, let's just say I think I heard some of the boys, in unison, fall to the floor in a dead faint. I'm certain I heard shrieking. It was fantastic.

Sunday, December 17

Just found

Shandon, being a fellow crafter, this one is for you. I looooove this bloggers editorial.

Good the bad and the ugly

Today I witnessed the good the bad and the ugly of the holiday season.

The good was watching my niece and nephew in their church Christmas program. The kids couldn't be cuter. The bad was from me. The second my nephew got up in front of everyone I caught his eye and received a smile. In return I pointed my finger at him and mouthed "Don't laugh! Doooon't laugh." He struggled to keep from busting up. I kept this up throughout his performance. I finally stopped when it seemed one of us really might lose it. The ugly came later when I was at the grocery store picking up ingredients for White Chocolate Cherry Chunkies. The lady in front of me was apparently outraged that the promoted sale price on her item wasn't ringing up properly. Instead of asking for the manager, she raged "I'll show you the sign!" then stomped off to get it. Luckily the check out girl didn't seem to care. In fact, she seemed accustomed to it. I, on the other hand, couldn't believe the temper tantrum that ensued when the woman returned with the sign. She banged it down on the counter and said "Here!" The check out girl simply said "I'll scan it again for you." The woman replied "I don't have all day." and stomped off out the door. I would have said something but the meanie left in such a hurry. All I could think was "I'm sorry your family takes you for granted and that you've spent your day doing things nobody asked you to do. Good luck with the martyr routine." Whatever.

The good I saw today outnumbered the the ugly by far. While Kenny G (the bad) wailed out Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas over the store speakers, a shopper loudly sang "CHRISTMAS" when Kenny got to it in his rendition. Later, I smiled at a boy who was standing at the door at Trader Joe's because he was bowing to each shopper as they left saying "Good afternoon. (b0w) Good afternoon. (bow) Good afternoon. (bow)"

In keeping with the good, bad and ugly theme of the day, I'm now watching Beauty and the Beast. I haven't seen it in years and it's as good as I remember.

Saturday, December 16


I've had to squeeze shopping in between work and celebrations. Today was my niece's birthday party. I had her birthday gift but no Christmas gift yet. The day she was born I promised her I would never rip her off by trying to combine her birthday and Christmas gifts. She is a fan of the Bitty Baby line from American Girl. I tried to order some things for her online yesterday but I wasn't convinced I'd receive them in time. I then called my mom and told her I'd be going to The American Girl store at The Grove this morning and planned to be there the moment it opened. She had never been and wanted to go with me. We woke up early and headed for The Grove. We arrived at exactly 9:00am and the small parking lot out front was already filling up. Thirty minutes later we got to the car, arms full of American Girl bags, and the lot was completely full. My last boyfriend lived in the area so I know it well. I gave her a sort of tour on the way home and we managed to avoid traffic.

We got home and soon left for the birthday party. I gave Little Miss a gift that I called "Party in a Box". She broke her last boom box so I got her a new one along with Hannah Montana and High School Musical CDs. I wrapped a box then put the gifts in it along with helium balloons. They were supposed to float out as she pulled the ribbon to open it. Unfortunately, there were too many little girls huddled around the box so it didn't quite work as planned. The balloons eventually floated out and the adults seemed to get the drift of my idea and appreciated it. I still like the idea and may try it again some time.

Later Mom and I decorated the house a bit for Christmas. I put the outside lights up last weekend but hadn't had much of a chance to do much inside. It's starting to look more holiday-ish around here now. Better late than never.

I got my Christmas cards done while watching Broadway: The Golden Age (oh, to be able to go back in time and see all of that great theater live... *sigh*). I'm now watching Mary Poppins to keep up my cheery mood. (Although it goes against the cheery mood maintenance program, check this out. That makes me laugh.)

Which reminds me, have I ever mentioned the time I went to the last boyfriend's father's birthday party? We went to a fairly spectacular home somewhere near The Getty. There were about a dozen people in attendance. My ex's dad is an actor and most of his friends are in show business. We all mingled for a while then sat down for a fabulous dinner. A birthday dessert was brought out and we all sang Happy Birthday. The difference is that it wasn't your typical rendition of Happy Birthday. It sounded like I'd wandered into the Mormon Tabernacle Choir version of the tune. They all had amazing voices and someone was playing fabulously on a piano. Who knew?! Later, I noticed some awards around the house but still had no idea who these talented people were. Once in the car and driving away I asked my then boyfriend "I saw a bunch of awards, who was that?" He said "Oh, he's Richard Sherman, one of the Sherman brothers. He wrote the songs for Mary Poppins, Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang... you know." Holy crap!!! Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious was my favorite song when I was a kid!! I was shocked. I suppose being a clueless guest is more appealing than and fool unable to speak due to her shock and admiration. For God's sake, the man wrote It's a Small World. To this day I thank God I had know idea who's home I was in.

Thursday, December 14

Mama recovers

We were all draggin' this morning. Everyone was invited to upload their pictures from last night's party to a central server. Let's just say there is some unfortunate evidence from the big event.

The great news is that my new bed arrived at home today. I've lately noticed that I sleep better in hotels than at home and that's supposed to be a sign that a new bed is needed. I decided to pull together a new bed based on Westin's Heavenly Bed.

I researched mattresses through Consumer Reports and learned that all of the major brands are good and comparable. They all offer warranties and are full of a million layers of magic including anti-bedbug stuff. I also learned that I should lay on a potential bed for 15 minutes before making a decision. I thought "Yeah, right." Well, as it turned out I did lay around on beds for about an hour while trying to decide. The salesman came by a couple of times to check on me. I just kept saying "I need a minute to lay around." He left me alone and I flopped to my stomach. I flipped and flopped and eventually got to be a lot like Goldilocks. I could sit for a second on one mattress and think "Ooh, too soft." Then sit on another and think "Waaaaay too hard." I kept going back to one Serta Pillow top and thought "Oh, just right." Because my new mattress is so thick and dreamy, I had to purchase new 600-count "Deep Pocket" sheets. I also splurged on some new pillows. My goal was to make my bed the happiest place on earth. I think I've succeeded. I'll let you now how tonight's maiden voyage goes.

Wednesday, December 13

Mama's dogs are barkin'!

My feet are killin' me but it was worth it. Tonight was our annual holiday party at work. We all pretty much danced our asses off. There is just something so great about having a couple of cocktails and gettin' down on the dance floor with the people you mostly know as straight-laced corporate types. One of our finance guys refused to dance after numerous requests. Finally, I said "I could have 12 women dancing around you like that (and snapped my fingers)." His response was "So could I." Touche baby! We did eventually get him on out on floor and he seemed to enjoy it.

Another friend made $200 by getting her WFB (Work Fantasy Boyfriend) out on the dance floor. Looks like we'll all be paying up tomorrow.

Another co-worker taught me how to dance the "Double Bump". I've managed to get this far in life only knowing how to bump. Who knew there was a double bump out there all along? Amazing!

I'm lucky enough to work with some very fun people. We work hard but we manage to laugh too. If you're fortunate to work with people you like, I highly recommend letting loose with them every once in a while. Have some fun!!

Tuesday, December 12

Granny hate change

After a dinner with my wonderful friends from high school a few of us were talking. Kathleen noticed the new Baskin Robbins logo shining nearby and expressed her disapproval. We agreed. I went on to comment that as I age I'm beginning to hate change and there was nothing wrong with the old Baskin Robbins logo anyway, dammit! We reminisced about the old brown and pink polka dot paper cups their scoops used to come in. Of course, I haven't been to a Baskin Robbins in ages so I have no way to knowing if it's still brown and pink or not, so I really shouldn't judge. I do, however, have a feeling it's all about this kicky new "BR" crap.

I should have known this anti-change sentiment was becoming a problem earlier in the month. There is a little old lady down the street who goes hog wild with the Christmas decorations each year. Last year her Christmas spectacular got pretty beat up by a freak wind storm. This year I've been driving by eagerly anticipating her set up. It seemed to be taking a while and, I kid you not, I was actually getting a little concerned. What's the hold up? I kept wondering. Is she ok? Did she just throw in the towel after last year? Again, I hate change and my little old friend was changing my holiday environment without my approval. It was freaking me out. Well, I'm happy to report that she's back in all her tacky splendor. I'd love to post a picture but you really need to see it at night and I just don't think a photo would do it justice. Besides, I'd hate to scare her by creeping around her house after dark with a camera. She may be able to take a wind storm but a stalker might be an entirely different story.

I guess the bottom line is that I find comfort in the familiar. This, of course, is not so profound but finally grasping it can be. I've been meeting these high school friends for monthly dinners since our 20th reunion and I value them more with each passing month. I love these women. We took each other for granted as teenagers but they mean more and more to me as time passes. I like getting older with these people. We all may look a little older but we are essentially the same. I like that they haven't changed and I like that the old lady sets up all of her lighted decorations every December.

Saturday, December 9

Happy Holidays

Today I saw Carrie Fisher's one woman show Wishful Drinking. If you have the chance to see it, I suggest you do.
It's very funny. I won't spoil it by trying to describe it, just go see it.

Things got ugly after the show. We were driving through Westwood to have dinner. As usual, the streets were busy. Two lanes, including ours, were turning left when I noticed a young woman slowly crossing crossing the street while fiddling with her cell phone. The car next to us pulled forward a bit to get out of the way of an impending light change. The young woman took offense and stopped, stood in the way of the car then held out her hands as if to ask"What's your problem?". She then topped the whole scene off by displaying a lengthy flip of the middle finger at the drivers before slowly walking away. I couldn't believe it. When we pulled up next to our assaulted friends we could see the driver and passenger were two tiny elderly ladies! I'm still so mad at that idiotic girl. 'Tis the season and all. Imagine what the princess of darkness must be like when its not so merry and bright out.

Thursday, December 7

Merry Christmas!

Consider this my Christmas card to you all.

Wednesday, December 6

That blows

My dear friend Tony, had a terrible night last night. He had pneumonia in the summer and is therefore suceptible to it. He found out yesterday that he's in the early stages of it again and was put on medication. He took the day off to get the medicine and some rest. He had, however, promised to pick up a friend at LAX laast night and didn't want to flake on them. While circling the airport, he was pulled over by the police. Here's the problem: he's been fighting with DMV over a smog test. It's a long story but all of his registration extentions and insurance paperwork was on his dining room table. Did I mention that he was in his pajamas? Yeah. Once the officer realized he didn't have his paperwork he asked Tony to "Give me one reason I shouldn't impound your car." Tony said "Um, I'm in my pajamas and I have pneumonia?" Apparently those weren't good enough reasons. His car was impounded. He had to meet his friend at the curb, AT THE AIRPORT, in his pajamas.

Can you believe that?!

When I told a mutual friend about Tony's ordeal she just said "Note to self: never wear pajamas in the car again." Word.

Monday, December 4

Brilliant Idea

Last year I ran around getting small gifts for everyone at work. It was a nightmare. I spent too much money, it took too much time and I swore I'd reel it in this year.

Last week a friend and I decided we would give baked goods this year. "No gifts" this year except home made treats. I mentioned the idea to a few other people today and the idea grew to a small cookie exchange. The big, big boss liked the idea so much she's decide we should all do it. It's now a BIG cookie exchange. Anyone who wants in simply brings a few dozen cookies and copies of their cookie recipe. The participants get to bring a big assortment of cookies home. An invite went out stating "In lieu of gifts for co-workers" come to the cookie exchange.

Most people seemed relieved. They're baking this season anyway. Now they don't have to run around buying thoughtful gifts for each other. We just stuff each other with cookies, everyone wins!!


P.S. I'm watching what is possibly my favorite holiday film: Home For the Holidays. It reminds me of my family and always makes me laugh, and of course, Dylan McDermitt is completely dreamy. Did I mention I'm about three days from becoming Aunt Glady?

Saturday, December 2


I was invited to a choral concert of Christmas music tonight. It was great. I'd forgotten how wonderful a well trained chorus can sound. They sang modern and traditional music then, at the end, the lights were lowered and they came into the audience and sang "Oh, Holy Night". It truly was magical. Even my 5 year old niece seemed impressed and just stared at the beautiful Christmas tree and smiled. I plan to go again next year.

We went with a group of grandmothers, moms, aunts, daughters and nieces. I commented that I'd try not to cry and embarrass anyone. A 12-year-old kept checking to see if I was crying. She couldn't understand why I would cry. I told her it can happen when you get older. She claimed that her mom didn't cry over music. I said "Trust me, she does. We all do" I'm not exactly sure why I get all misty but I suppose it's because I'm thinking of those I miss. Not everyone is still around and I miss them most this time of year. I like to think they're around me but I can't help but miss them. I sure hope they were around tonight.

Friday, December 1


I've completed the NaBloPoMo challenge. I posted every day last month except the 5th and that was due to a missing connection while on vacation. (I tried for an hour, I swear!!) I guess that means I didn't officially meet the challenge but I made it the rest of the time. I guess that counts for self satisfaction anyway. I'm glad I gave it a shot even if my plan was foiled by lack of service.

My new challenge is to buy a mattress. Not quite the same thing but it must be done. I used to love my bed but lately I've noticed I sleep better in hotels. I'm taking that as a sign that it's time to spend some money and get a super-comfy mattress. I've done some research and things have certainly changed in the mattress market since I last bought one. They are much more expensive due to higher quality materials (at least that's the official spin). They supposedly last longer and are much thicker. Problem is, the moment I buy a mattress I'll most likely have to get new sheets to fit the thick mattress. This is a bummer because my Egyptian cott0n sheets are broken in are now a slice of heaven. My bed is old but those sheets are perfect.

I've learned the I'm supposed to lay on a mattress for 15 minutes to decide if it's a good fit. Now I ask you, who's got the time to roll around on a mattress, in public, for 15 minutes per mattress?

Ugh! It's gonna cost me a an arm and a leg but I guess I'll be fine with it once I've broken in the new sheets and I'm sleeping through the night.

Sorry for the boring post but it's what's going on with me. Also, seems to be freaking out so I'm not even able to spice this post up with links or pix. Sorry again!