Tuesday, December 12

Granny hate change

After a dinner with my wonderful friends from high school a few of us were talking. Kathleen noticed the new Baskin Robbins logo shining nearby and expressed her disapproval. We agreed. I went on to comment that as I age I'm beginning to hate change and there was nothing wrong with the old Baskin Robbins logo anyway, dammit! We reminisced about the old brown and pink polka dot paper cups their scoops used to come in. Of course, I haven't been to a Baskin Robbins in ages so I have no way to knowing if it's still brown and pink or not, so I really shouldn't judge. I do, however, have a feeling it's all about this kicky new "BR" crap.

I should have known this anti-change sentiment was becoming a problem earlier in the month. There is a little old lady down the street who goes hog wild with the Christmas decorations each year. Last year her Christmas spectacular got pretty beat up by a freak wind storm. This year I've been driving by eagerly anticipating her set up. It seemed to be taking a while and, I kid you not, I was actually getting a little concerned. What's the hold up? I kept wondering. Is she ok? Did she just throw in the towel after last year? Again, I hate change and my little old friend was changing my holiday environment without my approval. It was freaking me out. Well, I'm happy to report that she's back in all her tacky splendor. I'd love to post a picture but you really need to see it at night and I just don't think a photo would do it justice. Besides, I'd hate to scare her by creeping around her house after dark with a camera. She may be able to take a wind storm but a stalker might be an entirely different story.

I guess the bottom line is that I find comfort in the familiar. This, of course, is not so profound but finally grasping it can be. I've been meeting these high school friends for monthly dinners since our 20th reunion and I value them more with each passing month. I love these women. We took each other for granted as teenagers but they mean more and more to me as time passes. I like getting older with these people. We all may look a little older but we are essentially the same. I like that they haven't changed and I like that the old lady sets up all of her lighted decorations every December.


Thom Singer said...

The new logo is ugly.

Anonymous said...

I know what it is. The new logo looks way too teeny-bopper. How can a 40 year old woman walk in and place a serious ice cream order when the logo looks so juvenile? Here's to routine and good things just staying the same!!