Saturday, December 23

Done, done!

I finished my Christmas shopping today. I got to Nordstrom at 8:00 then made the rounds to a few more stores depending when they progressively opened. I'm happy with my choices and thankful that they are (mostly) all wrapped and under the tree. (Too bad I never looked as elegant as the diva to the left.)

It was a good day. After shopping I got my hair colored ('cause Granny hate grey) then saw The Holiday. It hasn't received very complimentary reviews but it was just what I wanted to see today. I've long known that if a film features good real estate I tend to like it. This one had my favorite variety of real estate, an English cottage. They had me at the first shot of that house. Also, I've never been much of a Jude Law fan but he's pretty dreamy in this one.

Oh, and speaking of movies (again) last night I realized why I hate cats so much. It's those Siamese cats, Si and Am, in Lady and the Tramp. I watched it last night and remembered that I saw the movie as a young girl and to this day that is exactly how I perceive all cats. They're sneaky, destructive and creepy. Blechh! Si and Am do, however, sing a pretty great song.

Tonight's showing was going to be Bridget Jones' Diary but Law & Order just came on. Have I ever mentioned my Pavlovian response to Law & Order? I'm fine until I hear that opening "dun, dun" then it's all over. I simply can not turn away. That damn show is in hard core syndication so it can be quite a problem. I swear no show can hook me quicker. Ask anyone in my family, I'll be heading out the door to go somewhere and see that Law & Order is on, I'll try to run before the "dun, dun" but it's no use. Oh well, guess Bridget will have to wait.

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shandon said...

One of my co-workers was going to get a season pass for all the LAW & ORDER franchises, but she realized she would probably fill up her memory in less than 2 days.