Wednesday, December 13

Mama's dogs are barkin'!

My feet are killin' me but it was worth it. Tonight was our annual holiday party at work. We all pretty much danced our asses off. There is just something so great about having a couple of cocktails and gettin' down on the dance floor with the people you mostly know as straight-laced corporate types. One of our finance guys refused to dance after numerous requests. Finally, I said "I could have 12 women dancing around you like that (and snapped my fingers)." His response was "So could I." Touche baby! We did eventually get him on out on floor and he seemed to enjoy it.

Another friend made $200 by getting her WFB (Work Fantasy Boyfriend) out on the dance floor. Looks like we'll all be paying up tomorrow.

Another co-worker taught me how to dance the "Double Bump". I've managed to get this far in life only knowing how to bump. Who knew there was a double bump out there all along? Amazing!

I'm lucky enough to work with some very fun people. We work hard but we manage to laugh too. If you're fortunate to work with people you like, I highly recommend letting loose with them every once in a while. Have some fun!!

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