Wednesday, December 20

The Lonely

As I've mentioned, my sister-in-law recently lost her father to cancer. Yesterday, my mom, s-i-l, her mom and my niece went to lunch. Well, they were all having a nice lunch when, after the meal, my niece climbed up on s-i-l's lap. Little Miss whispered into sil's ear then turned her head away from everyone. My s-i-l turned to her mom and said "She wants to know how the lonely is."

Now seriously, isn't that about the sweetest thing you've ever heard? Those kids break my heart all the time. The fact that she's worried about her grandmother but doesn't quite know how to express herself is so adorable.

In case you're also wondering about the lonely, Little Miss got the following reply to her question: "the lonely is all right. I have my pets to keep me company in the evenings and I'm doing ok."

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