Friday, December 1


I've completed the NaBloPoMo challenge. I posted every day last month except the 5th and that was due to a missing connection while on vacation. (I tried for an hour, I swear!!) I guess that means I didn't officially meet the challenge but I made it the rest of the time. I guess that counts for self satisfaction anyway. I'm glad I gave it a shot even if my plan was foiled by lack of service.

My new challenge is to buy a mattress. Not quite the same thing but it must be done. I used to love my bed but lately I've noticed I sleep better in hotels. I'm taking that as a sign that it's time to spend some money and get a super-comfy mattress. I've done some research and things have certainly changed in the mattress market since I last bought one. They are much more expensive due to higher quality materials (at least that's the official spin). They supposedly last longer and are much thicker. Problem is, the moment I buy a mattress I'll most likely have to get new sheets to fit the thick mattress. This is a bummer because my Egyptian cott0n sheets are broken in are now a slice of heaven. My bed is old but those sheets are perfect.

I've learned the I'm supposed to lay on a mattress for 15 minutes to decide if it's a good fit. Now I ask you, who's got the time to roll around on a mattress, in public, for 15 minutes per mattress?

Ugh! It's gonna cost me a an arm and a leg but I guess I'll be fine with it once I've broken in the new sheets and I'm sleeping through the night.

Sorry for the boring post but it's what's going on with me. Also, seems to be freaking out so I'm not even able to spice this post up with links or pix. Sorry again!

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