Friday, March 30

Villain or granny?

I've been hearing comments on my laugh for most of my life. Many call it a "cackle" which, naturally, brings to mind a witch. Well, fine. Many back peddle and try to say things like "Oh no! I don't mean it's a cackle. It's a great laugh. Really! It's contagious!" Umm, ok. Sounds like an insult but whatever. I heard more about my laugh today. Herr VP told me he can hear me laugh every day from about 4:00 - 5:00 pm from all the way down the hall. Hmm. I guess I'm just happy the the day is almost over.

The cackle comments got me thinking. Maybe, instead of becoming a granny, I'm actually becoming a villain. Just the other day, during a fashion presentation of a wedding line, I admired a blood red bridesmaid dress. The following conversation was shared when I leaned over and whispered:

Lucy: If I ever get married, I'm wearing that red dress.
Colleague: I know! I want to wear black.
Lucy: I'm pretty sure that makes us villains.

Late this afternoon, after Herr VP's comments, I wandered into my boss' office.

Boss: What were you laughing about?
Lucy: Somebody stole Allison's apples and left a picture of the apples and a ransom note in her fruit bowl.
Boss: Someone asked me if you were drunk or something.
Lucy: ...
Boss: I know! I told them you don't even drink.
Lucy: ...

This probably does not bode well for my personal or professional life.

Thursday, March 29

More good stuff

The other night I enjoyed another great episode of American Experience. This time AE featured The Carter Family. Who knew I knew so many Carter Family songs?! My Mom sings around the house, pretty much constantly, and always has. Let's just say Carter Family songs are definitely part of her repertoire. I knew the songs but nothing of the drama between Ma and Pa Carter. Talk about awkward! On the other hand, I did know about the radio station they were often broadcast on. Mom has mentioned the radio station because it had a ridiculously large signal that could probably be picked up on the moon. The station also had quirky advertisements, one for "gen-u-ine diamond" rings for $3.00 as well as the infamous "autographed picture of Jesus Christ". Sign me up!!

Next up on American Experience is Aimee McPherson. Woo Hoo! Kooky evangelist on parade! I can't wait. Mom and I have always been fascinated with Sister Aimee. I'm pretty much down with anyone with the words "kidnapping scandal" attached to their name. Sister Aimee, Patty Hearst, whoever, I wanna party with them. (Although not technically a kidnapping, Agatha Christie's mysterious disappearance is intriguing enough to count too.)

Tuesday, March 27


As mentioned, I thought it might be a good time to post a few of my own crafty endeavors. Here are some pages I'm working on for my "Travels" scrapbook. I don't like over embellished pages so I try to keep them relatively simple.

Here is the first page for the infamous Diners and Disasters expedition. The red and white check square will be the background for my journaling "menu". The title definitely needs an explanation and this is where it will go. It's difficult to see, but I distressed the white edges of the "D-I-N-E-R-S" letters to make them look like they came from a dingy diner. The journaling sheet will also have that greasy spoon look.

This is the first spread to my South Dakota road trip. Again, I still need to journal. Can you tell I dislike journaling? Trouble is, without journaling, the pictures don't necessarily make sense. Scrappers really should include some sort of written explanation in their books or they can resemble a boring slide show. Also, if you're like me, and getting OLD, reminders about travels will be required soon enough. Because I HATE my penmanship, I prefer to journal on my laptop then print it out on cute paper.

Then there is "First Stop" page. It was so ridiculous that I thought it deserved it's own page. The background is cut from one of the maps we used.

So that's a few of the pages I"m working on. The others actually have my own pictures on them. These are mostly title pages so I used a lot of postcards. Anyone who actually kept up with my little blog travelled with me and saw my pix as they happened. BTW, I'm planning on printing out this blog to accompany my scrapbook. It might be funny to look back on.

Next, I'm planning on making some gift tags with stamps soon. I'll post those some other day...

Monday, March 26


I had a good weekend so this was an especially tough Monday. I'm glad it's over.

Saturday morning I went to my nephew's Little League game. It freaks me out a bit because those kids are really playing well now. Little Man got his bell rung though. He caught a pitch in the helmet then it ricocheted off his shoulder. He managed to not cry... I HATE it when kids are brave. It breaks my heart. The next day we had this conversation:

Lucy: How's your head?
Little Man: It didn't hit my head, it hit my shoulder.
Lucy: Well, I think it bounced off your helmet and beaned your shoulder.
LM: Yeah it's fine.
Lucy: So, next time you get hit, would you be totally embarrassed if I dropped to my knees and started wailing "Noooooo! Not our baby!!! Noooooo!" (We reference Darth Vadar's "Nooooo" often.)
LM: *covers face in shame*
Lucy: So, that's a bad idea?
Lucy: Ok, I'll try to stifle a "Nooooo!" but I can't make any guarantees.
LM: Ugh! *shakes head*

Sunday was fun too. I continued to surf the net looking for crafty things to do and I found there was a Scrapbooking & Rubber Stamp Expo at the Pomona Fairgrounds . I got a couple of friends to go with me. I got a great new tote , called "The Cube", to carry my stamping stuff. I love it!

Friday, March 23

Oh no!

I completely forgot to celebrate my one year blogiversary. Dang it! Well, it's been a busy week and, as you know, I've not been sleeping well. I guess I've been delirious so it obviously slipped my mind.

I stayed home sick today because of:
  • Lack of sleep (I finally hit the wall)
  • Allergy attacks from hell
  • Headache that won't quit

Maybe I'm a little wimpy but I just didn't know how I'd function on so little sleep. I emailed co-workers about staying home around 7:00 am then fell asleep. I slept until around noon! I've NEVER done that before. I feel better but my head still hurts.

I'm now watching the ever popular DIY Network and cruising for new craft web sites & blogs for inspiration. Here is my latest obsession. I want that room and will try like crazy to make sure I have one in the house I buy this year. I'm in love with that space!

Here are a few more blogs and places I've found today:

Maybe next time I'll actually show you some of my crafts-in-progess.

Wednesday, March 21

Yee Haw!

Who says doormats are boring?

Here's my current fave:

This one is a close second:

Where can you find these, and more, delightful doormats? Check here.

Why was I looking? Ummm, it's a long story.

Tuesday, March 20

So sleepy

I had another great dinner out with the girls. I even got home in time to get my face washed, my teeth brushed and into my pjs by 9:00. That's pretty much my goal every night, but I rarely make it.

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night because of an unfortunate iced tea order in the afternoon. The bad news is that it made me very sleepy. The good news is that I've discovered a few DIY Network shows that make for great viewing in the middle of the night. My new fave is Crafters Coast to Coast. It's so much fun! I do NOT like Embellish This!. The host is WAY too cutesy for my taste. Knitty Gritty is good but since I'm only a wannabe knitter so I'll never be able to make any of that stuff. Scrapbooking is a bit iffy. Sometimes the host features good ideas, other times I don't know what the hell she's thinking. Next I'll be checking out Uncommon Threads.

Monday, March 19

Ok, ok, I admit it!

Friend: Ok, can we discuss the greatest ratings grabber ever?
Lucy: What's that?
Friend: The Producers of Dancing with the Stars hiring Heather Mills so we can all watch her leg fly off! I CAN'T WAIT!
Lucy: I know I'm tuning in.

We're not the only ones. How great is this?!

I know, I'm probably going to hell in a hand basket, but COME ON! This could be great!

I sincerely hope she plans on using a better leg than this one:

Sunday, March 18

Eleven Again

Have I ever confessed here to being a scrapper, a long time scrapbooker. My buddy Stacey and I have been making scrapbooks since long before scrapbooking was a gazillion dollar industry. Stacey was my college roommate and is a "lifer". That is, she's a friend for life. Even if we wanted to dump each other, it just wouldn't happen; she's family. I met her through my younger brother when she was still in high school and I just starting college. We were fast friends. She went on the become a fantastic teacher and mother. She married her college sweetheart and had four kids. Her first child had a birthday yesterday. Andrea turned eleven and celebrated last night with a slumber party.

Stacey and I see each other at least once a month at our scrapping nights. We started these get togethers years ago. Our schedules are conflicting, to say the least, and scrapping nights were a great way to catch up, share pictures and chat late into the night. More recently, we've been getting together at monthly stamping nights. It's something my single friends tend to make fun of but, if you're a crafter, you understand.

Well, at our last friday stamping night, Stacey asked if I'd come over to help keep her awake for Andrea's party. She didn't want the girls to keep each other up all night. She figured we could get some scrapping in and chaperone.

Yesterday was a packed day for me but slumber party chaperone duty sounded like fun. After my nephew's kick-ass Little League game (he pitched two innings and got a double!) the grandmas and I took the kids to dinner. I then went to Stacey's.

When I arrived, Andrea introduced me to all of her friends. I was happy to learn that they were very nice girls. Stacey was playing Apples to Apples with them. They later had cupcakes, home made carmel corn (to die for) and watched How to Eat Fried Worms. It was getting late but the girls were quieting down. Stacey and I were fading. I asked her why exactly she wanted to stay awake and she said "You know how girls can call out another and pick on her all night? I used to hate that when I was a kid and I don't want it happening here. I was never necessarily picked on but I didn't like to see it even as a kid." I knew exactly what she meant. I don't recall ever being picked on either but I do remember girls getting picked on and it always bothered me. I thought it was nice that she was being so thoughtful. That's the kind of person she is and I love her for it.

After the movie, Stacey turned out the lights and told them they could chat for a while but they had to think about getting some sleep. The girls sat up and really started giggling. I told Stacey she should turn on Disney Channel or Nick at Night or whatever to settle them down. She did and it worked like a charm. We heard some giggles but it got quiet pretty quickly.

It was about 12:30 and Stacey and I were wondering how to stay awake.

Lucy: Wanna make bookmarks for the girls?
Stacey: Yes! RALLY!

Rally we did.

Andrea is a notorious reader so we thought bookmarks might actually work. The girls really liked the one hour fleece blankets Stacey made with them earlier in the evening so she thought they might like personalized bookmarks. (Have you seen these blankets? They are apparently a big trend in high schools these days. Here's what they look like.)

We stayed up 'til 2:15 and had a lot of fun. I guess in the end we're all eleven- year-olds at heart.

Saturday, March 17


Today I stopped at a friend's house for her grandmother's memorial. Granny, or Gran, lived to be 101 years old. She died two days short of her 102nd birthday. To put that into perspective, Gran was born the same year that Greta Garbo was born and Teddy Roosevelt was President. Yowza!

My friend showed me the funeral arrangements Gran had requested on a sheet of lined yellow paper. It had been written in 1991. She instructed two of her grandchildren (one being my friend) to NOT hold a service when she died and to put the notice in the paper two days AFTER her burial. She asked to be cremated and buried with Daddy. She asked that her ashes be placed over Daddy's grave and the pastor to say a few prayers. She said "do not let the undertaker talk you out of it."

My friend has always been close to Gran and spent a lot of time interviewing Gran about her life and all she'd seen. Gran's first memory was how her mother's face tuned white when the Great San Francisco earthquake hit. She was probably too young to remember it, but she swore she did. Besides, you just didn't argue with Gran. When asked about the greatest invention to come along in her lifetime, Gran claimed getting electricity in the house was the BEST. Indoor plumbing was up on her list as well but ladies don't talk about such things.

Gran lived to see so much. I didn't know her particularly well but whenever there was a family event I'd sit with her and talk. Her matter-of-fact way always made me laugh. Gran got dressed to the nines every day. I don't think I ever saw her out of a Channel suit. I loved her!

The world has lost a cool lady. I'm glad my friend has worked so hard to preserve her memory.

Wednesday, March 14

Stop! In the name of Love

Ugh! Would someone please tell Diana Ross to step down and shut up?! Yeah, yeah, the Supremes were great but we all know that was Barry Gordy's doing. She recorded some good stuff as a solo artist but went on to record some of the most annoying songs ever (Endless Love, anyone?)

She LOVES herself more than any human being has ever loved. Not only is she singing (well, shrieking really) on American Idol this week but she also appears on iTunes. There's not escape! iTunes features a section of celebrity picks. I saw Diana's name on the list and immediately KNEW what she'd have on her list. Yes, you guessed it, ALL Diana Ross recordings. What a piece of work. I've hated the woman since the first time I saw her throw her arms up and toss that God-awful wigged head back. It's a move only a drag queen could love.

Ugh, Diana, Honey, you're through!! Please, for the love of God, go away.

** Later **

Oh God! I just looked for pix of her and learned that her new album is titled "I Love You". Blechhh! I think I just threw up a little. Could she be any more insincere?!

Sunday, March 11

What the hell?

As stated in other posts, I'm addicted to Today, while adding books to my moochable inventory, I looked up Chicken Soup for the Soul. I'm not sure where I got this book and I never read it but I'm ready to give it away. I searched for a short cut description and was shocked to find SO MANY Chicken Soup for Soul books. Did you know there's a Chicken Soup for the:
  • Prisoner's Soul
  • Scrapbooker's Soul
  • Horse Lover's Soul
  • Golfer's Soul
  • Pet Lover's Soul
  • Ocean Lover's Soul
  • Baseball Fan's Soul
  • Shopper's Soul
  • Christian Soul
  • Teenager's Soul
  • Christian Teenager's Soul
  • and my favorite... Chicken Soup for the NASCAR Soul
The list goes on and on. I've never seen anything like it! I'm almost ready to read the damn book now out of curiosity. What a racket! This Jack Canfield doesn't even seem to write this stuff anymore. It's like he licensing out souls out or something. Don't get me wrong... I'm just bummed that I didn't think of it first.

Saturday, March 10

Things I learned today

  • I'm officially obsessed with Bookmooch and the world needs a DVDmooch
  • My nephew likes Close Encounters of the Third Kind and wants a fishing pole for his birthday (unrelated facts but still news to me)
  • My 5-year-old niece's new favorite food is sashimi and tuna is her favorite. My nephew is completely grossed out by this new development.
  • I love the BBC's new series Robin Hood but the women's eye makeup is a bit overdone. Otherwise, it's good stuff.
  • Chocolate shakes are still tasty (I had to make sure)
  • Pre-season baseball isn't being televised just yet (at least not until next week for my beloved Dodgers)
  • My DVD bit the dust and I'll be forced to buy a new one tomorrow.
  • Bath Sheets are a great idea but a bit unwieldy in reality.
  • Long story short, after seeing Zodiac (you should check it out) I discovered CourtTV has a crazy site called CrimeLibrary. It's oddly compelling. Have you ever heard of this freak? I'd never heard of her.
  • Daniel Doronda is goo-od.
What did you learn today?

Wednesday, March 7

For the book lovers

Here are a couple of sites the readers out there might enjoy:


I'm always looking for reading recommendations. Shelfari is a community that allows you to build a virtual bookshelf then find others with similar likes. It's a fun way to browse and find new books to read. You can also toss out questions to other members. It's fun, free place to hang out online.

Once you've got some recommendations you can try When you're trying to save money and the library waiting list is too long you might want to give this a try. It's a Netflix way to rent audiobooks for your commute or try some of those trashy paperbacks you wouldn't be caught dead placing on your bookshelf. And then there is Shandon's great reccommendation: Bookmooch.

Check 'em out!

P.S. Do you think Britney has ever actually read a book? I don't see it happening.

Tuesday, March 6

Yippee doodle!!

Have I died and gone to heaven? Seriously.

I was listening to NPR this morning and they did a segment on a store called Archie McPhee. I had never heard of it, but I've found it online, and I think I'm in love.

Check out those category buttons! A whole button dedicated to catapults?! Yippee! ... but

Monday, March 5


Shandon wrote of her new obsession, I have one as well. It's a MUCH more simple-minded obsession but it's mine and I love it.

Last week, I wandered over to visit my friends in finance. I looked down at a friend's desk and noticed a spinning top. I kept looking and it kept spinning. I finally said "What the hell?! Is that thing for real or what? Does it ever stop?" She laughed and explained that another friend had brought them back from Paris and they were "the best tops ever!". Apparently everyone with a gifted top has been having spin-offs. They spin to see who can stay spinning the longest. Depending on the spinner's form/technique, the tops can spin for more than 2 minutes. (I know!) After hearing all if this, and watching that top continue to spin, all I wanted to know was how I could get my hands on one for myself. The friend handing them out gave me this red top and I love it! I'm only up to about 75 seconds but I'm still working on my technique. The only problem is that they spin so long that you forget about them. When my top finally stops it rattles on my desk and has been known to actually startle me. I'm pretty sure this could get me a seat on the short bus but, whatever. I do resist the urge to clap and shout "Go, Red, go!"

I realize it all sounds stupid, but it's a damn good time when you're trapped on a conference call.

Does this help me sound less feeble minded?

Saturday, March 3

Oh yeah

Although I'm regularly reminded why I love living in California, today I got a big smack upside the head about it. A friend had been raving about an Italian restaurant in Manhattan Beach so a few of us decided to meet down there for some shopping and dinner. At every crosswalk you could look down to gorgeous ocean view. Eventually, the sun began to set so we walked down the hill to the beach where I snapped this shot with my phone. ***sigh*** Is that gorgeous or what?!

My friend was right, by the way. If you ever get a chance to eat at Mama D's... you must. I was pretty much sold by the amazing garlicky scent wafting into the street but, I must say, the experience just got better and better. Once seated, they immediately serve freshly baked bread to dip in their house garlic olive oil. I don't mean it's flavored or infused with garlic, I mean it has TONS of crushed garlic floating around in it. Yum! I had their spaghetti with a huge meatball. At the end of the meal, instead of handing you the bill with some lame mints, they hand you a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies. Nice touch. It's obviously a local favorite so, if you choose to give it a try, get there early or plan on waiting. Either way, enjoy!

Friday, March 2


I decided to settle in for a nice viewing of The Canterville Ghost this evening. It finally begins and who do I see on screen? Alyssa Milano. What?!

Apparently, The Canterville Ghost I was in for was a remake.

What a drag!

***Important programming notice***

This is mostly for Shandon but maybe someone else out there will like this:

Everyone's favorite epidemic will be highlighted this Sunday night on the History Channel. The Plague starts at 6:00 pst.


Well done

Today the Manager who coordinated yesterday's meeting called. She told me that she had been getting feedback from the filmmakers throughout the day and they were all saying that our session was the best. She said "I know you have nothing to compare it to but I was in all the sessions and your team brought such a great energy. The filmmakers are all so excited about what we can do together. They can't wait for the follow up." I'm thrilled! We all work so hard and, while we get nice feedback from time to time, you never get tired of hearing "good job" ...especially from those folks.

Thursday, March 1

My Fastest Day on Record

Today I flew up north to go to Pixar Studios. Can you believe it?! Pixar Studios! A group of about 10 of us went up for work and it was beyond cool. A bus picked us up and drove us through those famous Pixar gates. For some reason I thought the studios sat on a Teletubbies variety landscape of acre upon acre of well manicured rolling green hills. It is, in fact, extremely well manicured but it's not in the middle of nowhere and there is, mercifully, no creepy baby smiling down from the sun.

One poor soul was in charge of wrangling us on and off the bus. I called him the Den Mother. He acted as a sort of tour guide and was pointing out sites of interest including an outdoor amphitheater. He then pointed off in the distance to some sort of stadium that they do something in. It seemed incredibly tall with steep seating so I asked if that was where they played their quidditch matches. (They don't but certainly could if they felt like it.) It was at that point I seriously thought I must have stumbled upon some sort of heaven on earth because I realized, and I'm not kidding, it smelled exactly like freshly baked cinnamon rolls. I asked Den Mother "Why does it smell like cinnamon rolls? Are they kidding me?!" He laughed and explained that there was a bakery behind one of the buildings. Phew! I thought I was losing my mind.

We walked indoors and, I gotta say, the place is gorgeous. We should all be so privileged to work in such a fantastic environment. The floor resembles that of a basketball court. It's all very airy and environmentally sound and everyone is darting around on Razor scooters, and playing ping pong and casually eating in the open commissary. It's just too perfectly happy.

We all know that if you're a world class genius of a rocket scientist, you go to NASA. If you're a world class animating genius, you go to Pixar. I got to meet some of those world class animating geniuses and it was immediately clear that they were Super Genius level. The remarkable thing is that they were incredibly nice super geniuses.

There is a sort of reverence to Pixar. You're walking around dying to take pictures but you don't because it just isn't done. Besides, there is a feeling that as kind as everyone is, if you pulled out a camera you should expect be tackled. Everyone is SO nice and welcoming but everywhere you go it is clear that you are to stay put and not wander off. They have very tight security and you're not getting in that complex without an appointment and your name on a list. I must say I like it that way. Those people work their butts off the come up with completely unique films and I don't blame them for doing whatever they feel necessary to prevent leaks. It's all about protecting the fantastic worlds being created within those walls. I'm glad they're so good at both.

As we made our way back to the waiting bus someone finally snapped and pulled out a camera to take a few outdoor shots. I said "I need those! I was dying to take pictures in there but didn't dare." It seemed everyone felt the same way.

On the way home, I was traveling with someone terrified of flying. She explained her theory that if ever a celebrity was on her flight, it couldn't crash. I told her I disagreed and that if a celebrity was on my flight, if anything, it made me a little nervous. We got to the gate and she was thrilled to see semi-celebrity Keenan Ivory Waynans at the ticket counter. Even more exciting was the nun we spotted. My turbulence hating friend seemed to feel very good about both fellow passengers. Later, after hitting some of the dreaded turbulence, I leaned over and whispered "Don't worry! We've got Sister Mary What's-her-name up a few rows. She's got us covered."

... and that was my day of heaven on earth.

Disclaimer: The above photos were taken from the net. I haven't beaten todays pix out of my new friend yet.