Monday, March 5


Shandon wrote of her new obsession, I have one as well. It's a MUCH more simple-minded obsession but it's mine and I love it.

Last week, I wandered over to visit my friends in finance. I looked down at a friend's desk and noticed a spinning top. I kept looking and it kept spinning. I finally said "What the hell?! Is that thing for real or what? Does it ever stop?" She laughed and explained that another friend had brought them back from Paris and they were "the best tops ever!". Apparently everyone with a gifted top has been having spin-offs. They spin to see who can stay spinning the longest. Depending on the spinner's form/technique, the tops can spin for more than 2 minutes. (I know!) After hearing all if this, and watching that top continue to spin, all I wanted to know was how I could get my hands on one for myself. The friend handing them out gave me this red top and I love it! I'm only up to about 75 seconds but I'm still working on my technique. The only problem is that they spin so long that you forget about them. When my top finally stops it rattles on my desk and has been known to actually startle me. I'm pretty sure this could get me a seat on the short bus but, whatever. I do resist the urge to clap and shout "Go, Red, go!"

I realize it all sounds stupid, but it's a damn good time when you're trapped on a conference call.

Does this help me sound less feeble minded?

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