Saturday, March 3

Oh yeah

Although I'm regularly reminded why I love living in California, today I got a big smack upside the head about it. A friend had been raving about an Italian restaurant in Manhattan Beach so a few of us decided to meet down there for some shopping and dinner. At every crosswalk you could look down to gorgeous ocean view. Eventually, the sun began to set so we walked down the hill to the beach where I snapped this shot with my phone. ***sigh*** Is that gorgeous or what?!

My friend was right, by the way. If you ever get a chance to eat at Mama D's... you must. I was pretty much sold by the amazing garlicky scent wafting into the street but, I must say, the experience just got better and better. Once seated, they immediately serve freshly baked bread to dip in their house garlic olive oil. I don't mean it's flavored or infused with garlic, I mean it has TONS of crushed garlic floating around in it. Yum! I had their spaghetti with a huge meatball. At the end of the meal, instead of handing you the bill with some lame mints, they hand you a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies. Nice touch. It's obviously a local favorite so, if you choose to give it a try, get there early or plan on waiting. Either way, enjoy!

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