Friday, March 23

Oh no!

I completely forgot to celebrate my one year blogiversary. Dang it! Well, it's been a busy week and, as you know, I've not been sleeping well. I guess I've been delirious so it obviously slipped my mind.

I stayed home sick today because of:
  • Lack of sleep (I finally hit the wall)
  • Allergy attacks from hell
  • Headache that won't quit

Maybe I'm a little wimpy but I just didn't know how I'd function on so little sleep. I emailed co-workers about staying home around 7:00 am then fell asleep. I slept until around noon! I've NEVER done that before. I feel better but my head still hurts.

I'm now watching the ever popular DIY Network and cruising for new craft web sites & blogs for inspiration. Here is my latest obsession. I want that room and will try like crazy to make sure I have one in the house I buy this year. I'm in love with that space!

Here are a few more blogs and places I've found today:

Maybe next time I'll actually show you some of my crafts-in-progess.

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