Tuesday, March 20

So sleepy

I had another great dinner out with the girls. I even got home in time to get my face washed, my teeth brushed and into my pjs by 9:00. That's pretty much my goal every night, but I rarely make it.

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night because of an unfortunate iced tea order in the afternoon. The bad news is that it made me very sleepy. The good news is that I've discovered a few DIY Network shows that make for great viewing in the middle of the night. My new fave is Crafters Coast to Coast. It's so much fun! I do NOT like Embellish This!. The host is WAY too cutesy for my taste. Knitty Gritty is good but since I'm only a wannabe knitter so I'll never be able to make any of that stuff. Scrapbooking is a bit iffy. Sometimes the host features good ideas, other times I don't know what the hell she's thinking. Next I'll be checking out Uncommon Threads.

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