Thursday, January 31

#8,592 why I adore my Mom

The other day I received this email from my Mom:

"Well, I went to the Weight Watchers meeting. The leader looks like she has about 50 to lose! I like that in a leader."

Mom, you crack me up.

Monday, January 28

My Latest Obsession

Ok, so you may have noticed that I'm sort of into crafting stuff. I don't make enough time to actually do much crafting these days but I do enjoy it when I can get to it. Stamping cards and gift tags are a new favorite. I was at a little Stampin' Up get together last weekend where I heard about a great stamping blog. It's by a Stampin' Up rep and graphic designer. She features a little thing called Make a Card Monday every week and I'm obsessed! She's mounted a camera over her work space. Each Monday she uploads a short film (rapid speed) of herself making a card. It's such fun to watch. Well, umm, if you're not into card making you may not be as into it as I am, but if you're a crafter you've got to check it out.

Here is her blog. I'll be adding her to my Blog Roll list. I've been looking for new crafty blogs and have found a few nice ones. I'll be updating it soon.

In the mean time, check out the MACM clips and enjoy!

Wednesday, January 23

New rule... I've decided

I work with a guy that I have a good relationship with but I've learned all of his tricks. In the past, when I told him he couldn't do something, he would always say "Lucy, I'm just trying to grow your business." Once, during a mid-year check-in he said that sentence about a dozen times so I banned him from ever saying it again. He laughed and now only says it sarcastically or to make my head explode.

Today, I was talking to the same man, via speaker phone, and had to ban a new phrase.

Lucy: So, what do you think about blah, blah, blah?
guy: Well, you've got to understand...
Lucy: Wait! Stop. I'm afraid I've got to ban a new phrase.
guy: What now?
Lucy: Please don't say "you've got to understand". You sound like our President and it makes me want to punch the phone.
guy: Bwaaaahahahahah!!!
Lucy: Promise?
guy: Okay, how about "the thing is"?
Lucy: Okay, that's fine.
guy: Okay, the thing is blah, blah, blah

and on we went with the conversation.

God knows I hate to inject politics in my work life, but pretty much every time I hear the pres speak he says "people gotta understand" and it makes my skin crawl. As if he were the only human being who really knew what was going on and he just can't make us all see the light. Ugh! Makes me sick! Shut up George... SHUT UP! I can't even work without you bugging the hell out of me!!!

Tuesday, January 22

Leavin' on a Jet Plane

I think this is the longest I've gone without blogging since I started. No real excuses except the typical "I've been busy". I did manage to catch yet another cold while on my trip last week. This must be some funky East coast variety. I was feeling so good after my Z-pac prescription, now I'm back on my left-over cough syrup and Advair. I have these terrible dry cough attacks that are a real drag. I have my annual girly doctor visit tomorrow so I'm hoping she'll give me something to help prevent me from having this cough for the next 2 months. I hate coughs that linger.

I'm pretty sure I got it on my flight to New York. I saw some poor guy bend over at the terminal to pick up his bag and his friend sneezed all over the back of his neck. Neither one of them seemed to bat an eye. Groooooooos! The sneezer then had the nerve to put a Michael Jackson variety surgical mask once on the plane. I wanted to yell "You're the problem moron!" but figured good, now maybe he'll keep his germs to himself.

Speaking of travel, my carpool buddy is off to a new job in our London office. Today was her last day in the office. We threw a little going away party for her featuring her favorite food. That meant home made mac & cheese, Gorgonzola mashed potatoes, brownies, Wheat Thins and ice cream. You can see why she'd be a friend of mine with a menu like that. She leaves tomorrow and arrives in London Thursday afternoon. I asked if she had to start the job next Monday or if she gets some time off. She said "Well, I'm off Friday but I have to get on a train to Paris on Sunday." Oh, poor baby. Did I mention her first week on the job is a European conference in a French Chateau? Can you imagine? (I found these for sale if you're interested.) How do you get any work done in a place like that? I'd be staring at the walls or out a window the whole time. Guess that's why nobody for our European offices have offered me a job.

I admit, I'm a little jealous but mostly I'm thrilled for her. She's always wanted to see Europe and living in London is a great way to do it. London is one of my favorite cities. It would be really fun to see it and be able to stay with a friend. I told her I'd visit "depending on how nice" her new place is. Of course I'm kidding. I just hope I can visit and still manage to buy a home this year. No matter what, it's bound to be a good year.

Wednesday, January 16


Have you ever missed somebody you never even knew? I ask because I've been watching a wonderful series on PBS called The Pioneers of Television and it's making me miss a lot of old "friends".

The first episode was on the evolution of sitcoms. The next week focused on late night television. Tonight's episode went through the history of variety shows. I realize this may sound a bit dry but I'm telling you it's such fun. Much of the subject matter is of television before my time, but still, it's fascinating. I've enjoyed all of the episodes but the one that really got to me was that on late night. It made me realize how much I actually miss Johnny Carson. I suppose it hit me the hardest because Carson was a part of my life longer than just about every other entertainer out there. Of course, when I was young, I didn't regularly catch his show but I watched from my junior high years until the day Carson retired. I can honestly say that I miss that man.

There are others I miss too. I miss seeing Carol Burnett once a week. I miss Flip Wilson's Geraldine. Flip's show was probably the first I remember laughing at. Laugh In was fast paced, and bright, and kept my attention when I was very small. I remember my parent's cracking up at it but I don't know that I understood much of what was going on. Flip, on the other hand, slayed me. I miss him too.

It seems foolish to have these feelings but, when you're a child of the sixties and seventies, there's no denying the influence of television on all of us. It was a different time. Not to sound like and old-timer but we only had a few channels to choose from. When you got to school every day all of the kids had watched the same shows. It's just plain different today.
There is a surprising amount of history and ground breaking stuff going on here. There is so much I just plain never knew because it was either before my time or I was too young. I never knew Jack Parr quit on the air over being censored. I never knew nobody would sponsor The Nat King Cole Show, because of race, and NBC paid for it themselves until a sponsor stepped forward. When no sponsor stepped up, it was cancelled. I didn't know Arthur Godfrey's decline came immediately after he fired a popular singer from his show... on air.

The tone can be downright reverent at times but I don't mind. It's such good television. I think there were only three episodes made but try to catch the reruns if you can. If you're anywhere near my age, or older, I think you'll enjoy them.

Tuesday, January 15

Wild Ride

Last night I arrived at JFK/NY around 11:00 pm. I got to my hotel around midnight. Because I was arriving late, I ordered a town car. It felt somehow safer. I should have stuck with an ordinary NY cab. NY cabbies tend to know how to get to Manhattan. My town car driver, on the other hand, did not seem to know how to get to my destination and spent much of our rainy, dark, ride fiddling with the GPS. The GPS kept alerting the driver he had a "New Message. New Message. New Message." As if paying little attention to the road wasn't disturbing enough, he then began fighting with the credit card machine and punching in my cc number manually. At least 5 times I had to urge "The light is green!" At one point, a few blocks from my hotel, he stopped and pretty much parked on Fifth Avenue. WHAT?! People were honking but he didn't seem to mind. When we finally got to the hotel the doorman graciously opened my door , took my bags out of the trunk and put them in the lobby for me. All while I waited for my spazzy driver to figure out how to charge me for the ride. I sat there, in the back seat, for ten minutes while he mumbled something about my ride number not being right. Finally I said "Can I just sign it and go? I really need to get to bed." He then gave me an incredulous look and handed me the slip to sign. I'll never take a town car again. I'll take a good old fashioned NY cabbie any day.

Now, to be clear, I realize this is a luxurious "problem", but when it's midnight, and you have to meet your co-worker in the lobby at 8:45 am and you're still on West Coast time... it's a drag. Also, since kicking my one week addiction to cough syrup, I haven't had a single decent night of sleep. Another drag. I was so well rested and now I'm back to being a mess.

The good news is that when I finally got to check-in the doorman asked "What took him so long? Was he writing a love letter or what?" I said "I know! And he wasn't even a good driver. I thought I was going to die the entire ride." The guy checking me in said "Sounds like you've had a long day, let me see what I can do for you." He then upgraded me for the week! Sweet!! I'm so unaccustomed to upgrades that I panicked when the bellman opened my door and I couldn't see a bed. I saw a bathroom, a kitchen counter, a desk and a sofa but no bed. I thought 'oh no! I'm not going to have to fold out and make a bed am I?' then I turned around and saw a lovely king sized bed in another room. Can you imagine?! In New York city... another room?! It's unheard of... at least for me.

I did have the good sense to stay in tonight. I begged off dinner plans so I could have an early dinner and get to bed. I'm now in my room watching American Idol. All of NYC awaits but I'm dang tired.

Off to sleep for me.

Wednesday, January 9

Liberal? Who me?!

Check this out. Take this fun test to find out which Presidential candidate you are most in line with. Don't worry, it provides a nice disclaimer, with the results, stating that results should not be taken as advice on who you should vote for. It's just sort of interesting.

For the record, here are my results:

#1 Hillary
#2 Edwards
#3 Obama

Hmm. Interesting.

I'd like to tag Shandon and Troop for their results (unless you're super offended that I'd even ask).

Tuesday, January 8

Back from the dead and thinking bad thoughts

So, I've survived my terrible cold. Those meds were great. I'm now in love with Codeine for helping me get so much sleep in the past few days and nights. Thank you Codeine.

Now I'm watching the New Hampshire Primary results come in. Mrs. Edwards was just at a podium speaking and all I could think was "Move over Diva. Who's that hot guy behind you in the 'Steelworkers for Edwards' sweatshirt?" Upon closer inspection I realized that "hot guy" was James Denton from Desperate Housewives. I guess I must be feeling better because it was only a quick glace before I was willing Mrs. Edwards out of the way. How embarrassing.

Thursday, January 3

$125 later...

Well, I've now managed to get a lovely chest cold. When I woke this morning I realized I was wheezing. Although I found it difficult to draw a decent breath, I was due back at work today. What's a girl to do? A hot shower helped so I went to work and found that 1/2 of my co-workers were out with the same cold. I answered some emails and calls, grabbed my laptop and left. My doctor was out so I saw his Physician's Assistant this afternoon. I figured she would look at my throat, listen to my chest, agree that I had a cold, and prescribe a Z-pac. That's pretty much what happened but she also added some other fun drugs to my pharmaceutical bag of goodies. Here is what I picked up from the pharmacy this evening:

  • Generic Z-Pac
  • Advair (Which I have no earthly idea how to use)
  • Nasonex (Nose spray... blechhh.)
  • Cough Syrup w/Codeine (What kind of maniac assumes a person would enjoy Pina Colada flavoring in their narcotic?! Good Lord!)

Guess how much this loot (+ my co-pay) cost? That's right, $125. This stupid cold will cost me days from work and $125. Of course, I'll be glad to kick this cold the right way but still, it got me thinking, what else could I have purchased with that $125? (Besides donating it to a favorite charity. Lighten up and play, would ya?!)

Here are a few ideas:

My favorite perfume and body lotion

A printer I've been eyeing and actually need:

That lovely BBC Jane Austen DVD set AND the Complete Oxford Illustrated set of Jane Austen books:

Dance, Dance Revolution game, for that new Wii* I'm getting for "exercise", plus another game of my choice:

Of course, I really do enjoy breathing so I suppose $125 is worth it. Then again, there are some nice things I've NOT bought because I've become a miser saving for a home. A home that will someday have a super-cool Wii gaming system! *Because, after all, the "Best Auntie in the World", as my niece and nephew call me, can't just rest on her laurels. "The Best Auntie in the World" needs to keep outdoing herself constantly. Besides, I've promised to kick Mom's butt at Wii boxing and look forward to giving the kids simultaneous heart attacks when they see it for the first time.

Oh, and while I'm looking at the bright side of life, I'm happy to announce I've finally timed a dreadful cold with an equally dreadful So. Cal rain storm. Finally!

Rain. It's my favorite.