Monday, January 28

My Latest Obsession

Ok, so you may have noticed that I'm sort of into crafting stuff. I don't make enough time to actually do much crafting these days but I do enjoy it when I can get to it. Stamping cards and gift tags are a new favorite. I was at a little Stampin' Up get together last weekend where I heard about a great stamping blog. It's by a Stampin' Up rep and graphic designer. She features a little thing called Make a Card Monday every week and I'm obsessed! She's mounted a camera over her work space. Each Monday she uploads a short film (rapid speed) of herself making a card. It's such fun to watch. Well, umm, if you're not into card making you may not be as into it as I am, but if you're a crafter you've got to check it out.

Here is her blog. I'll be adding her to my Blog Roll list. I've been looking for new crafty blogs and have found a few nice ones. I'll be updating it soon.

In the mean time, check out the MACM clips and enjoy!

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