Wednesday, January 23

New rule... I've decided

I work with a guy that I have a good relationship with but I've learned all of his tricks. In the past, when I told him he couldn't do something, he would always say "Lucy, I'm just trying to grow your business." Once, during a mid-year check-in he said that sentence about a dozen times so I banned him from ever saying it again. He laughed and now only says it sarcastically or to make my head explode.

Today, I was talking to the same man, via speaker phone, and had to ban a new phrase.

Lucy: So, what do you think about blah, blah, blah?
guy: Well, you've got to understand...
Lucy: Wait! Stop. I'm afraid I've got to ban a new phrase.
guy: What now?
Lucy: Please don't say "you've got to understand". You sound like our President and it makes me want to punch the phone.
guy: Bwaaaahahahahah!!!
Lucy: Promise?
guy: Okay, how about "the thing is"?
Lucy: Okay, that's fine.
guy: Okay, the thing is blah, blah, blah

and on we went with the conversation.

God knows I hate to inject politics in my work life, but pretty much every time I hear the pres speak he says "people gotta understand" and it makes my skin crawl. As if he were the only human being who really knew what was going on and he just can't make us all see the light. Ugh! Makes me sick! Shut up George... SHUT UP! I can't even work without you bugging the hell out of me!!!

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Ancient Kingdom said...

Nope, your not alone with Dubyas "People gotta understand" now, millions of people see it.....and say stop it for the love of god...