Thursday, January 3

$125 later...

Well, I've now managed to get a lovely chest cold. When I woke this morning I realized I was wheezing. Although I found it difficult to draw a decent breath, I was due back at work today. What's a girl to do? A hot shower helped so I went to work and found that 1/2 of my co-workers were out with the same cold. I answered some emails and calls, grabbed my laptop and left. My doctor was out so I saw his Physician's Assistant this afternoon. I figured she would look at my throat, listen to my chest, agree that I had a cold, and prescribe a Z-pac. That's pretty much what happened but she also added some other fun drugs to my pharmaceutical bag of goodies. Here is what I picked up from the pharmacy this evening:

  • Generic Z-Pac
  • Advair (Which I have no earthly idea how to use)
  • Nasonex (Nose spray... blechhh.)
  • Cough Syrup w/Codeine (What kind of maniac assumes a person would enjoy Pina Colada flavoring in their narcotic?! Good Lord!)

Guess how much this loot (+ my co-pay) cost? That's right, $125. This stupid cold will cost me days from work and $125. Of course, I'll be glad to kick this cold the right way but still, it got me thinking, what else could I have purchased with that $125? (Besides donating it to a favorite charity. Lighten up and play, would ya?!)

Here are a few ideas:

My favorite perfume and body lotion

A printer I've been eyeing and actually need:

That lovely BBC Jane Austen DVD set AND the Complete Oxford Illustrated set of Jane Austen books:

Dance, Dance Revolution game, for that new Wii* I'm getting for "exercise", plus another game of my choice:

Of course, I really do enjoy breathing so I suppose $125 is worth it. Then again, there are some nice things I've NOT bought because I've become a miser saving for a home. A home that will someday have a super-cool Wii gaming system! *Because, after all, the "Best Auntie in the World", as my niece and nephew call me, can't just rest on her laurels. "The Best Auntie in the World" needs to keep outdoing herself constantly. Besides, I've promised to kick Mom's butt at Wii boxing and look forward to giving the kids simultaneous heart attacks when they see it for the first time.

Oh, and while I'm looking at the bright side of life, I'm happy to announce I've finally timed a dreadful cold with an equally dreadful So. Cal rain storm. Finally!

Rain. It's my favorite.

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shandon said...

I think you need to tell your readers how you stumped the pharmacist.