Tuesday, January 22

Leavin' on a Jet Plane

I think this is the longest I've gone without blogging since I started. No real excuses except the typical "I've been busy". I did manage to catch yet another cold while on my trip last week. This must be some funky East coast variety. I was feeling so good after my Z-pac prescription, now I'm back on my left-over cough syrup and Advair. I have these terrible dry cough attacks that are a real drag. I have my annual girly doctor visit tomorrow so I'm hoping she'll give me something to help prevent me from having this cough for the next 2 months. I hate coughs that linger.

I'm pretty sure I got it on my flight to New York. I saw some poor guy bend over at the terminal to pick up his bag and his friend sneezed all over the back of his neck. Neither one of them seemed to bat an eye. Groooooooos! The sneezer then had the nerve to put a Michael Jackson variety surgical mask once on the plane. I wanted to yell "You're the problem moron!" but figured good, now maybe he'll keep his germs to himself.

Speaking of travel, my carpool buddy is off to a new job in our London office. Today was her last day in the office. We threw a little going away party for her featuring her favorite food. That meant home made mac & cheese, Gorgonzola mashed potatoes, brownies, Wheat Thins and ice cream. You can see why she'd be a friend of mine with a menu like that. She leaves tomorrow and arrives in London Thursday afternoon. I asked if she had to start the job next Monday or if she gets some time off. She said "Well, I'm off Friday but I have to get on a train to Paris on Sunday." Oh, poor baby. Did I mention her first week on the job is a European conference in a French Chateau? Can you imagine? (I found these for sale if you're interested.) How do you get any work done in a place like that? I'd be staring at the walls or out a window the whole time. Guess that's why nobody for our European offices have offered me a job.

I admit, I'm a little jealous but mostly I'm thrilled for her. She's always wanted to see Europe and living in London is a great way to do it. London is one of my favorite cities. It would be really fun to see it and be able to stay with a friend. I told her I'd visit "depending on how nice" her new place is. Of course I'm kidding. I just hope I can visit and still manage to buy a home this year. No matter what, it's bound to be a good year.


kb said...

Hell, I'll go visit her and I don't care if she lives in a tent in Hyde Park. Just to get to London again...aaahhh!!

Norman said...

Wait, GORGONZOLA mashed potatoes?!?