Thursday, March 29

More good stuff

The other night I enjoyed another great episode of American Experience. This time AE featured The Carter Family. Who knew I knew so many Carter Family songs?! My Mom sings around the house, pretty much constantly, and always has. Let's just say Carter Family songs are definitely part of her repertoire. I knew the songs but nothing of the drama between Ma and Pa Carter. Talk about awkward! On the other hand, I did know about the radio station they were often broadcast on. Mom has mentioned the radio station because it had a ridiculously large signal that could probably be picked up on the moon. The station also had quirky advertisements, one for "gen-u-ine diamond" rings for $3.00 as well as the infamous "autographed picture of Jesus Christ". Sign me up!!

Next up on American Experience is Aimee McPherson. Woo Hoo! Kooky evangelist on parade! I can't wait. Mom and I have always been fascinated with Sister Aimee. I'm pretty much down with anyone with the words "kidnapping scandal" attached to their name. Sister Aimee, Patty Hearst, whoever, I wanna party with them. (Although not technically a kidnapping, Agatha Christie's mysterious disappearance is intriguing enough to count too.)

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cadiz12 said...

when i worked nights, american experience was one of the things i looked forward to watching the most.