Monday, March 26


I had a good weekend so this was an especially tough Monday. I'm glad it's over.

Saturday morning I went to my nephew's Little League game. It freaks me out a bit because those kids are really playing well now. Little Man got his bell rung though. He caught a pitch in the helmet then it ricocheted off his shoulder. He managed to not cry... I HATE it when kids are brave. It breaks my heart. The next day we had this conversation:

Lucy: How's your head?
Little Man: It didn't hit my head, it hit my shoulder.
Lucy: Well, I think it bounced off your helmet and beaned your shoulder.
LM: Yeah it's fine.
Lucy: So, next time you get hit, would you be totally embarrassed if I dropped to my knees and started wailing "Noooooo! Not our baby!!! Noooooo!" (We reference Darth Vadar's "Nooooo" often.)
LM: *covers face in shame*
Lucy: So, that's a bad idea?
Lucy: Ok, I'll try to stifle a "Nooooo!" but I can't make any guarantees.
LM: Ugh! *shakes head*

Sunday was fun too. I continued to surf the net looking for crafty things to do and I found there was a Scrapbooking & Rubber Stamp Expo at the Pomona Fairgrounds . I got a couple of friends to go with me. I got a great new tote , called "The Cube", to carry my stamping stuff. I love it!

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