Friday, March 30

Villain or granny?

I've been hearing comments on my laugh for most of my life. Many call it a "cackle" which, naturally, brings to mind a witch. Well, fine. Many back peddle and try to say things like "Oh no! I don't mean it's a cackle. It's a great laugh. Really! It's contagious!" Umm, ok. Sounds like an insult but whatever. I heard more about my laugh today. Herr VP told me he can hear me laugh every day from about 4:00 - 5:00 pm from all the way down the hall. Hmm. I guess I'm just happy the the day is almost over.

The cackle comments got me thinking. Maybe, instead of becoming a granny, I'm actually becoming a villain. Just the other day, during a fashion presentation of a wedding line, I admired a blood red bridesmaid dress. The following conversation was shared when I leaned over and whispered:

Lucy: If I ever get married, I'm wearing that red dress.
Colleague: I know! I want to wear black.
Lucy: I'm pretty sure that makes us villains.

Late this afternoon, after Herr VP's comments, I wandered into my boss' office.

Boss: What were you laughing about?
Lucy: Somebody stole Allison's apples and left a picture of the apples and a ransom note in her fruit bowl.
Boss: Someone asked me if you were drunk or something.
Lucy: ...
Boss: I know! I told them you don't even drink.
Lucy: ...

This probably does not bode well for my personal or professional life.

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