Saturday, March 10

Things I learned today

  • I'm officially obsessed with Bookmooch and the world needs a DVDmooch
  • My nephew likes Close Encounters of the Third Kind and wants a fishing pole for his birthday (unrelated facts but still news to me)
  • My 5-year-old niece's new favorite food is sashimi and tuna is her favorite. My nephew is completely grossed out by this new development.
  • I love the BBC's new series Robin Hood but the women's eye makeup is a bit overdone. Otherwise, it's good stuff.
  • Chocolate shakes are still tasty (I had to make sure)
  • Pre-season baseball isn't being televised just yet (at least not until next week for my beloved Dodgers)
  • My DVD bit the dust and I'll be forced to buy a new one tomorrow.
  • Bath Sheets are a great idea but a bit unwieldy in reality.
  • Long story short, after seeing Zodiac (you should check it out) I discovered CourtTV has a crazy site called CrimeLibrary. It's oddly compelling. Have you ever heard of this freak? I'd never heard of her.
  • Daniel Doronda is goo-od.
What did you learn today?


shandon said...

Yesterday I learned that a good way to divert attention from my lack of productivity at work is to ask my supervisor, "How's your baby?"

~ Lucy said...

Good one!

Phatrick said...

For free mooch services try

the's also a UK based service

Jane said...

Hi, for the longest time I've been trying to look for a site where I could watch Daniel Doronda online--to no avail =(
Could you please help me by posting the site where you were able to watch it? Many Thanks!

-Vena (Manila, Philippines)