Friday, December 22

Beat it!

I'm at war with some dipshit at work. Because we carpool, my carpool partner, Lynn, and I share an assigned parking spot. It's a beautiful spot because parking in the new building is a bit tough to come by these days. Well, someone in a black Altima had been parking in our spot. Lynn and I are allowed to park in it even when we don't carpool if one of us is out sick or traveling. For instance, we couldn't carpool on Thursday because I had an off site meeting in the morning and Lynn had to get herself to the airport in the afternoon. I arrived at work around noon and figured if Lynn hadn't parked in our spot that I would. Well, black Altima was there. I mentioned the intrusion to Lynn and we decided we should TP the offender's car. Then I logged on to Shandon's blog and found something even better. There is a clearly marked message on the spot stating "Reserved Carpool Parking" but I think visitors are assuming empty carpool spots are open to them. We may have to go down there and decorate our spot with chalk messages like "Hey moron, this spot is an assigned spot. Just because I drive to lunch doesn't mean you get to park here." Of course, I have a feeling that message would be frowned upon. Maybe Lynn and I just need to draw peace signs, flowers and our names all over it. If we make it look like a 12-year-old's bedroom door it might scare the offender off. Hmm, maybe we'll just have someone chalk this over our spot:

Sidebar: Another Lynn from work told me about this fabulous use of the internet. What a wonderful world! In a nut shell, it's a site dedicated to calling out the men who have cheated on the posters. Not sure if that new great guy is so great after all? Look him up and see if he shows up on the DDHG database. Aside from having a great web site name, it also promotes some deserving women's organizations. It's nice when people take karma into their own hands.

Oh, and did you see that "Anonymous" was kind enough to compliment my blog but considered it "a bit radical". How exciting! I've always wanted to be a radical. I wonder if it's from Trooper's buddy. If so, just know that we heart Trooper!

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Trooperdog said...

Well, I did a little research and the "anonymous" comment did NOT come from Troop's buddy. So there is somebody else lurking out who thinks you are radical. I guess you should take it as a compliment!