Wednesday, December 6

That blows

My dear friend Tony, had a terrible night last night. He had pneumonia in the summer and is therefore suceptible to it. He found out yesterday that he's in the early stages of it again and was put on medication. He took the day off to get the medicine and some rest. He had, however, promised to pick up a friend at LAX laast night and didn't want to flake on them. While circling the airport, he was pulled over by the police. Here's the problem: he's been fighting with DMV over a smog test. It's a long story but all of his registration extentions and insurance paperwork was on his dining room table. Did I mention that he was in his pajamas? Yeah. Once the officer realized he didn't have his paperwork he asked Tony to "Give me one reason I shouldn't impound your car." Tony said "Um, I'm in my pajamas and I have pneumonia?" Apparently those weren't good enough reasons. His car was impounded. He had to meet his friend at the curb, AT THE AIRPORT, in his pajamas.

Can you believe that?!

When I told a mutual friend about Tony's ordeal she just said "Note to self: never wear pajamas in the car again." Word.

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Joey Polanski said...

Cop askd fer ONE good reason. Tony gave im TWO.

Some cops is pretty partickular.