Monday, December 4

Brilliant Idea

Last year I ran around getting small gifts for everyone at work. It was a nightmare. I spent too much money, it took too much time and I swore I'd reel it in this year.

Last week a friend and I decided we would give baked goods this year. "No gifts" this year except home made treats. I mentioned the idea to a few other people today and the idea grew to a small cookie exchange. The big, big boss liked the idea so much she's decide we should all do it. It's now a BIG cookie exchange. Anyone who wants in simply brings a few dozen cookies and copies of their cookie recipe. The participants get to bring a big assortment of cookies home. An invite went out stating "In lieu of gifts for co-workers" come to the cookie exchange.

Most people seemed relieved. They're baking this season anyway. Now they don't have to run around buying thoughtful gifts for each other. We just stuff each other with cookies, everyone wins!!


P.S. I'm watching what is possibly my favorite holiday film: Home For the Holidays. It reminds me of my family and always makes me laugh, and of course, Dylan McDermitt is completely dreamy. Did I mention I'm about three days from becoming Aunt Glady?

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