Wednesday, December 27


I have this week off and I have kept my calendar pretty clear. I've watched my Northern Exposure DVDs and I'm starting in on my Mary Tyler Moore Show set. I shopped and had lunch with Mom, I hooked up the printer I got for my folks (it works great!) and I saw the kids yesterday. (Sidebar: Little Miss loves Brie cheese. She was eating some on water crackers when my brother heard her dancing around the house singing "Body of Christ. Body of Christ. Brie and Body of Christ." Needless to say, I think she gets that from my side of the family.) The most stressful thing I've done is get the number of a mortgage broker. Yes, I'm thinking of buying a place somewhere. I'm super nervous about it because I'm not convinced it's do-able in LA on a single salary but there's only one way to find out. Of course, I haven't made the call yet but I will. I want to get pre-qualified before I start looking. My worst nightmare is to fall in love with a place I can actually afford then lose it because of a technicality. Watching MTM is helping me find some courage. Mary moved to Minneapolis knowing only Phyllis and started a new life to get away from a noncommittal guy all because she had spunk! Surely I can make a call. *sigh*

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Trooperdog said...

Yeah! That's exciting about you maybe buying a place. It IS scary, but the mortgage person will help you to figure out what amount you can get pre-approved for. Then you go shopping! How fun. Hope it goes well...keep us updated!!!