Thursday, December 14

Mama recovers

We were all draggin' this morning. Everyone was invited to upload their pictures from last night's party to a central server. Let's just say there is some unfortunate evidence from the big event.

The great news is that my new bed arrived at home today. I've lately noticed that I sleep better in hotels than at home and that's supposed to be a sign that a new bed is needed. I decided to pull together a new bed based on Westin's Heavenly Bed.

I researched mattresses through Consumer Reports and learned that all of the major brands are good and comparable. They all offer warranties and are full of a million layers of magic including anti-bedbug stuff. I also learned that I should lay on a potential bed for 15 minutes before making a decision. I thought "Yeah, right." Well, as it turned out I did lay around on beds for about an hour while trying to decide. The salesman came by a couple of times to check on me. I just kept saying "I need a minute to lay around." He left me alone and I flopped to my stomach. I flipped and flopped and eventually got to be a lot like Goldilocks. I could sit for a second on one mattress and think "Ooh, too soft." Then sit on another and think "Waaaaay too hard." I kept going back to one Serta Pillow top and thought "Oh, just right." Because my new mattress is so thick and dreamy, I had to purchase new 600-count "Deep Pocket" sheets. I also splurged on some new pillows. My goal was to make my bed the happiest place on earth. I think I've succeeded. I'll let you now how tonight's maiden voyage goes.

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