Tuesday, December 19

... and I am telling you

Last night was great! Tony and I got advanced tickets to see Dreamgirls at the Arclight (aka the Cinerama Dome as I will forever call it). I've been looking forward to seeing it for ages and it lived up to every expectation. That being said, I had been somewhat skeptical because I couldn't understand how ANYONE could come close to filling Jennifer Holiday's shoes (I dare you to not get the chills in this clip. If you don't know the story, wait for the money at 3 1/2 minutes. Trust me. Oh, and you're welcome.) but I am telling you Miss Jennifer Hudson does a remarkable job. Who knew an American Idol cast off could act?! I'm not necessarily a Beyonce fan but she was awfully good too.

Seeing it with "the boys" (Oh, like you've never done this. Ok, maybe you haven't filmed it but we should all lip sync with that kind of abandon at least once a day.) was also a plus. I always like seeing new films with other enthusiastic film goers because it adds so much to the experience. You haven't lived until you've seen an opening night film at the dome or Grauman's Chinese Theater. Fans stand in line forever and are some of the most harsh critics out there. If a movie doesn't measure up, those crowds will be sure to express their disappointment. On the other hand, if they approve of the new Star Wars , Star Trek, Harry Potter or whatever, they will applaud wildly. They also keep the talkers and other noise makers under control, which I love.

Last night was all about a great crowd in a great venue. Because we were on the floor of the dome the screen wrapped around us and the sound was fantastic. When Beyonce turned around in the big-haired Diana Ross get-up... well, let's just say I think I heard some of the boys, in unison, fall to the floor in a dead faint. I'm certain I heard shrieking. It was fantastic.

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