Saturday, December 2


I was invited to a choral concert of Christmas music tonight. It was great. I'd forgotten how wonderful a well trained chorus can sound. They sang modern and traditional music then, at the end, the lights were lowered and they came into the audience and sang "Oh, Holy Night". It truly was magical. Even my 5 year old niece seemed impressed and just stared at the beautiful Christmas tree and smiled. I plan to go again next year.

We went with a group of grandmothers, moms, aunts, daughters and nieces. I commented that I'd try not to cry and embarrass anyone. A 12-year-old kept checking to see if I was crying. She couldn't understand why I would cry. I told her it can happen when you get older. She claimed that her mom didn't cry over music. I said "Trust me, she does. We all do" I'm not exactly sure why I get all misty but I suppose it's because I'm thinking of those I miss. Not everyone is still around and I miss them most this time of year. I like to think they're around me but I can't help but miss them. I sure hope they were around tonight.

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