Friday, August 21

Favorite quote of the day

Lucy: How did the shoot go yesterday?
D: Oh, it was good. One girl was incredibly professional. The other kid was a real piece of work.
Lucy: What do you mean?
D: She was just a total sour puss. She wore an annoyed expression the whole time. She was only 6. I don't know why she was so bitter.
Lucy: Well did my stuff at least make it on the good kid?
D: Yeah, after about 10 minutes it just wasn't working out with the bitter one. We did our best with her but the best shots are of the cool model.
Lucy: Where was the mom? Did you say anything to her?
D: No but we won't work with her again. I came SO close to whispering in that kid's ear "The tooth fairy pees in your mouth when she leaves you money."

Ooooooh, that's the good stuff. I'm still laughing. I told D that a comment like that would scar a kid for life. He agreed. I hope I never have to use that line but it's good to know I've got it in my back pocket. Muwuhuhahahaha.

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