Monday, August 24

Pocket, Chuck Pocket

Before the snake appeared yesterday morning we had another adventure.

My niece and nephew's first day back to school was today. I knew they needed a decent bedtime in preparation. I had them both in their pjs with brushed teeth and low lights by 8:30 pm. The mood was just right for slumber. My niece was just drifting off when her brother lost his mind and jumped on her. Shaking his head he later admitted later that he didn't know what he was thinking. Well, that set her off and she was hyper for the next hour. (Let's just say the kid can't hold her sugar. Lesson learned.) Eventually she brought some Polly Pocket dolls, a convertible and some folding doll houses onto the bed to play. I told her it was fine as long as she was quiet. I'm easy.

Niece: This is the mommy (holding up one Polly Pocket). She has four kids (holding up a fistful of Pollys in her other hand).
Lucy: That's a big family. Where is the daddy?
Niece: He died. His name was Chuck.

This matter of fact delivery of his fate and name struck me as funny. I tried not to laugh but it really was funny and SO MUCH like something my brother might say.

Soon the kids were reenacting all kinds of possible ends to Chuck's short life. Chuck was eventually lost behind a bookcase. With the assistance of Grandpa's flashlight, Chuck was rescued and everyone went to sleep.

The next morning my niece came into my bedroom to show me portraits of Chuck she had taken with my phone. It seems Chuck had a bad morning. Due to some dreadful fit of tug-of-war he was snapped in two. The last time I saw Chuck his top half was with the Monopoly boards markers, to be appreciated at a later date, while his bottom half was in a bucket mixed in with about 4 dozen other Polly Pocket dolls and clothes.

Chuck is now wallpaper on my phone.

Here is Chuck soon after his split. Just look at the tragic expression on his face. That's sort of how I felt today at work.


kb said...

Poor Chuck...he just looks awful. Those snap on Polly Pockets are kinda creepy. I was vacuuming the other day and almost sucked up the midsection of a Polly doll. No legs, no head, just shoulders and a torso. Set me on a search for her other parts, but I never found them. Somewhat disturbing I'd say.

Anonymous said...

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