Monday, December 14

Best of

I love the "Best Of" lists that pile up this time of year. I think they are the very best thing about a year ending. If you feel the same way, here is a great place to get your "Best Of" fix. Click around for NPR's best in all kinds of genres. I know I'll be buzzing around these lists when I have a little more time come vacation. Weeeee!

Oh, and Shandon? Did you know about American Fantastic Tales? Do tell!


Anonymous said...
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shandon said...

Of COURSE I know about those books! What kind of a horror-lovin' bookseller would I be if I didn't?

The second volume is more interesting to me because the stories are less familiar (i.e., not in the public domain), although the first volume contains all kinds of delightful oddities. Yes, I may have to invest in these someday.