Wednesday, May 4

30 day song challenge (done in more like 60 days)

Name a song that makes me fall asleep.

Well, the white noise of rain recordings are what technically puts me to sleep. However, I do have a few musical options when its time for bed. I love to listen to a Charlie Haden and Hank Jones album called Steal Away. It's a bunch of lovely old spirituals but it's apparently so obscure it can't be found on YouTube. I also like Rachmaninoff's Vespers but my all time favorite music for drifting off to sleep has got to be Chopin's Nocturnes. I don't recommend all of those minor keys if you're feeling at all depressed. These tunes could finish you if you were already feeling melancholy. If, on the other hand, sleep is what you're after, Chopin is the ticket. (I mean that in the best of ways.) There are 19 or so Nocturnes to choose from and you've probably already heard them all. Here is one you may know:


shandon said...

I love this piece and can actually play it on the piano. Someday I'll invite you for a slumber party, and I'll play this to help you drift off after we're done gorging on pizza and making prank calls.

kb said...

Oh man, can I come, too? Pretty please?