Thursday, April 9

Oy! What a week.

This week has been a bear. Three big deadlines all came to a head and it's been very busy and stressful at work. My priority has been my financials. We do a quarterly status update on how our year is coming along and it always involves lots of number crunching and loads of 8 pt font sized Excel sheets. These days it involves a lot of RED 8 pt font sized Excel sheets. I've gotten pretty good at it through the years but this time I was really stumped. Our numbers were so far down as of last night that I was convinced I was going to lose my job. It sucked.

Well, this morning I came in to find new and improved spreadsheets. After lunch they were even better. I heart my finance person, her name is Sharon and she ROCKS! Eventually we determined that lots of the loss was due to coding issues. In other words, we weren't getting credit for sales we knew had occurred. At one point my EVP walked by and saw me looking very sullen with my head in my hand. He just said "Lucy, it's gonna be ok." *sigh* Bottom line: My Supervisor and I are feeling much better this evening.

One of the best things that happened is that I received samples of my stuff that will be out there for holiday '09. It looks fantastic! It looks so good that I immediately took it to my Director, held it all up and said "This makes all the pain worth while." She agreed and wanted to show it to our EVP who insisted we immediately take it to our GM. Our GM loved it all so much that she asked to keep it to show the head of our division. It was great! It's a group of product that I was directly responsible for and am very proud of.

In the end, my group and I hit or are ahead of our deadlines. I'm even able to take this Monday and Tuesday off. I'm feeling a bit guilty about it so I'll probably do some work from home but at least I'll get to sleep in.

Oh, and best of all... In Treatment's second season started this week and it's as addictive as ever. Check it out.

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