Sunday, June 7

Now that's more like it.

I test drove Hondas today. I saw one just like that little beauty (above) and fell in love. She's a 2008 Civic Hybrid and I heart her. The entire car buying experience surprised me this time around. Going into this weekend I really though I wanted to buy the 2010 Prius. Well that instinct quickly evaporated after yesterday's ordeal.

Today Mom, Laurie and I took Miss Alex to see Up. (It's really good and you need to go see it. It will make you cry though. Don't say I didn't warn you.) On the way home Mom and I decided to do a quick test drive at the Honda dealership we have both bought our last two Hondas. We were immediately greeted by a very nice lady named Angela. I told her I wanted to test drive an Accord and a Civic Hybrid. I then briefly told her about my terrible time at the Toyota dealership. Angela not only listened to me, she paid attention. She took my driver's license and said "I'll bring it right back. I promise!" She did. I then took the hybrid for a spin. It immediately felt like home. I suppose this is due to the fact that I've been driving Hondas for 20 years. I immediately liked it but wanted to try the Accord since that's what I've purchased in the past. The Accord is a great drive, it handles so well and is roomy and I liked it but that cute little hybrid was calling my name. I test drove the hybrid one more time because I was worried it didn't handle quite as well as the Accord. It does not have the get-up-and-go that the Accord has but it's a hybrid and I'm not in need of a getaway car so who cares? Besides, I figure it's only noticeable when doing a back-to-back test drive exercise. I really don't think it will bother me when gas prices soar over $3 per gallon by the end of the summer (as I predict). Also, I was not looking for a 2008 model but this one is fully loaded. It has every option I could have wanted and I love it. I told Angela the interest rate I wanted and what I wanted for my trade-in. When she came back with the ridiculously low interest rate I was floored. We haggled back and forth a bit. I talked her down on some things (like the Lojack I didn't even want). In the end I probably paid more than I had to, but honestly, the whole experience was so much more pleasant that yesterday's that I don't even mind. Besides, when you add tax, registration and all of the other fees I'm not sure the haggling mattered all that much. I just wasn't insulted so I walked away with the car I wanted and feeling fine.

I brought her home tonight and spent about 30 minutes sitting in the driveway presetting her XM Radio stations and the regular radio stations. I set the driver's seat to my liking and read the manuals. What a difference a day makes! I can't wait to do a road trip with her. I tried to program Graceland into the navigation system just so I could one day say "Go to Graceland" and have her guide me, but I think I did it wrong. Still, just knowing that I could go to Graceland with directions to restaurants and gas stations all along the way makes it all so much fun. And that XM radio? It's so great! I listened to the 40's station that played Ella Fitzgerald then a clip from wartime news. I stopped by Willie Nelson's classic Country station because Buck Owens was singing. I spent some time at Little Steven's Underground station and had a blast. 24 hours or Elvis, Sinatra or Springsteen anyone? How about accurate traffic and weather? Maybe some showtunes? Oh, I'm in heaven!

Now I just need to name my new car. Her paint color is called Magnetic Pearl so I may call her Pearl.

Who wants a ride?!


In other late breaking news:

Dad just started shouting "Lucy! Come here, quick!" Typically this means there is some sort of crazy nature/animal sight to behold. Dad didn't disappoint. I ran down the hall towards his office and stopped dead in my tracks about half way down. Standing at the sliding glass door about 6 feet away from where Dad was seated, stood a black bear. Holy crap! How many times does this have to happen around this crazy house? Mom and I had earlier commented that we thought there might be a a skunk outside because something smelled bad. We closed the doors and windows to keep the smell out (a common occurrence around here). It seems that poor bear had been sprayed recently. I shouldn't say "poor bear" because he/she went to town on Dad's peach and nectarine trees. Dumb bear. I asked Dad how he noticed him/her and he said "I heard a loud bump against the glass door and looked over and saw it leaning against the glass!" Dad was sitting at his desk with lots of lights on working at his computer. The outside light was on too. I'm frankly a little freaked out the bear didn't seem to be very concerned that a person in full light was in the room he/she was trying to enter. I say "him/her" because Dad couldn't tell if it was male or female because it wasn't fully grown. All I could think was "You mean they get bigger?!" Black bears are much smaller than grizzly or brown bears but when they are standing outside your Dad's sliding glass door they seem plenty big.

Man, I'm tired. What a day!


shandon said...

Road trip! Road trip!

kb said...

Ooooh, I wanna see your new car! Yeah Hondas! So happy for you!

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