Wednesday, June 3

A monster is born

Shandon recently featured a great post on the discovery of her love of dollhouses and miniatures. She has thought of building a kit for a long time and has finally chosen and purchased a kit that she will get started on soon.

I knew I was in trouble when I saw the picture of Shandon's kit. My inner child immediately jumped up and down, clapped, and shouted "I WANT TO BUILD A DOLLHOUSE TOO! NOW! NOW!" However, I was at work (on a 2 minute iced tea break, I swear) so I had to remain calm and resist the urge to immediately troll the internets for my dream dollhouse. Instead, I was a grown up and waited to get home before I began my search. It's kept me busy all evening long.

Mostly I'm drawn to the log cabin kits. I'm in love with The Ponderosa (top pic) but it's a bit intimidating. If I end up building a dollhouse kit I will likely start on something more modest like the Lincoln Log Cabin above (under The Ponderosa). In fact, with a few more windows, I wouldn't mind living in a place with that floor plan. With some Internet service and DirecTv I'd be in business! Well, that and some decent indoor plumbing. Otherwise, it's just the sort of tiny cabin I dream of spending time in. Beyond the log cabins I'm also oddly drawn to some of these fun kits:

I also love this little beauty. It's not a kit, it's just a great piece of art and I think it's pretty great.


shandon said...

We're both doomed. Mark your calendar for the last weekend in July: that's the next SoCal miniatures show!

kb said...

I LOVE these!!