Sunday, May 31

She Told Us So

Last weekend I hosted another Opposites Double Feature. This time we watched Detour (with "the world's BEST hitchhiker!") and Murder By Death. As always, it was a lot of fun. This time Mom joined the festivities. Naturally the topic of favorite lesser-known films came up. We discussed lots of Noir gems. Mom, having been a lifelong movie lover, also had some good recommendations. I've seen most of Mom's faves but I'm always surprised when others haven't. Mom told Shandon and Norm that they just HAD to check out Random Harvest and Separate Tables. I've seen both and agree that they are uncommonly good and should be seen be anyone who considers themselves a classic movie fan.

Imagine my surprise when trolling the TCM website I found one of Mom's picks listed as an upcoming Essentials. That's right folks, Random Harvest is the Essentials pick for the evening of June 20th. Be sure to queue up your Tivo. It's worth the time. ("Oh Smithy!"). Another really good one is coming up even sooner. The Letter, featuring my all time favorite opening scene where I inevitably exclaim "Jesus, Bette!", will air as the June 6th Essentials film. Much, much later in the season is one of my picks. The Long Hot Summer is the Essentials choice for September 12th. I finally bought that one since it was always so chopped up on tv. Also, I got tired of my Tivo mocking me with a "psych!" every time I saw the title in the guide. I'd inevitably squeal in anticipation of a Paul Newman moment only to realize it was that awful Don Johnson version of the film. Disappointed! Of course, I could always just watch my DVD but there is nothing like a Robert Osborne opening discussion to kick off a film. I can't wait!


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