Thursday, July 16

NYC Update

I'm in NYC this week. I arrived last Sunday night and will go home tomorrow. I always have a good time in NYC but it's also exhausting. I've been up and at 'em for 8:00 am breakfasts every day. We then march around town to and from meetings all day then meet at the hotel to catch a cab and go to dinner. We usually don't get back until 10:00 or so each night. See what I mean? Sorta fun but very busy.

I won't bore you with the business end of things but I did get to some fun restaurants.

The Monday night a few of us went to a new place called Hotel Griffou. It's in an old house that was later converted to a boarding house by a French socialite named Madame Griffou in the 1870's. I asked if it was a women's "boarding house" or a brothel. I'm always after the dirt and I liked the brothel idea so much more. The waiter didin't know for sure but seemd to also enjoy te brothel idea. They had a pork chop dish that came directly from a recipe they found in a wall during reconstruction. It was a good story but I went for the surf and turf instead. I just saw the words "petite fillet" paired with "brioche & lobster" and went for it. I'm glad I did. I also got busted for taking this picture:

They feature original local art and shift it around every few months. I was told I couldn't take pictures due to copyright issues. They were telling me about copyright issues? That's hilarious. When the waiter told me to stop I blurted out "Oh no, do you have to kill me now?" He didn't laugh but he also didn't make me delete the picture so there it is. Yes those are 4 fox pelts hanging around that firepalce looking thing. it's actually got a pane of glass in there alowing a view of a exocitcally lit wine cellar. It was uber cool. They waiter appologized for the dead fox pelts hanging there but explained that they were not real. (I ordered the surf and turf for God's sake... like I cared.)

The next night we went to another new restaurant called DGBG Kitchen & Bar. It was delightful. The place is covered in in quotes about food. I had an even better steak here. It was perfectly seasoned and I really enjoyed it. The place seems to specialize in sausage and beer. While I'm no beer drinker I can certainly enjoy a good link. I tried The Vermont and The Chorizo from and appetizer assortment ordered for the table. I admit, being from So Cal, I'm always a snob when it comes to Mexican food from anywhere but the Southwest states. I don't know why. I don't freak out when I have bad Mexican in LA but if NYC tries it I immediately flip out. Both links were excellent.

Last night I went to an old favorite in the theater district called Bond 45. I love this place because it is all about antipasto, salads and super thin pizza. I had the appetiser special which was essentially a caprese salad. I never order caprese salads back home but always when I'm in NYC. I've found that LA cuts a rubbery slab of mozzarella and sandwiches it between tomato and calls it a salad. WRONG! In NYC, the mozzarella always seems to be imported from Israel or home made. Bond 45 made theirs and I'll be dreaming of it for a long time to come.

Right after dinner at Bond 45 we went to a performance of this year's Best Musical Revival Hair. I never really understood the big deal about Hair. God knows I love a good hippie but when it came to Hair I just thought whatever, it's a bunch of stoned hippies singing and dancing around. What's the big deal? Well now I get it. One of the generous gentle who escorted us to the show had seen the original with his wife before they were engaged. He also scored us front row seats. I've heard Hair is rather interactive so siting in the front row was intimidating. it all turned out great. i now completely understand the show and why it was such a big deal. I can't even begin to describe the energy in that theater last night. Within 5 minutes I was exhausted just watching them all jump around but having a great time. The best part about being in the front row is that you can really hear each individual's voice and every one was outstanding. the cast was also very apologetic. One very pregnant character apologized after enthusiastically running her hands trough our hair and touching our faces by scampering away and under her breath saying "Sorry guys!". Another rather militant African American male character zeroed in on the woman next to me and wouldn't let up for the rest of the show. During the finale he dropped the character and warmly smiled at us in a clearly apologetic way.

This will give you a taste of the energy in the place (such fun!):

I was surprised to find I knew most of the songs in the show so that was a lot of fun. During intermission our host told us that Hair was the first time African American had ever been portrayed as equal to white characters on stage before. This alone was revolutionary but throw in music that young audiences were into then add issues they cared about, full frontal nudity, humor and drugs and you've got a show the likes of which had ever been seen before.

During the curtain call the lights come up and the audience is invited to come up on stage to sing and dance to Let the Sunshine In. I stayed at my seat. I had front row and knocking people out of the way to get on stage just seemed greedy.

The only strange part of the night was watching the poor kid at the end of our row. He could not have bee a day over 13 and her was sitting with a man who seemed to be his grandfather. During intermission an younger woman (his mom?) switched seats with the older man with the cane. I'm not sure which would be worse at the age. Watching faux humping, full frontal nudity, and LSD trips with my Mom or my grandfather. That poor kid! I've never seen wider eyes in my entire life.

It was incredible and I can't wait to see it again.

I was too beat to go out tonight. I thought of dragging myself out to see Next to Normal but I'm just so tired and I really have to pack. It seems a waste to sit in my room knowing there are fantastic shows going on just 10 blocks away but I already spent too much this trip. I've been in the market for a grown up watch for a couple of years now. I finally found one I love at Macy's Herald Square and bought it. Did you know that if you're from out of town there is a 10% discount available to you at the Macy's Visitor's Center? I had no idea. A young woman in the shoe department told me to go to the "one and a half floor". I accused her of punking us but she swore she was telling the truth. She was! I used the 10% off coupon (good for three days) added a Christmas gift card from my parents plus another $25 card from my cellular phone service provider and I got a deal! I love my watch. I haven't bought much of anything for about 3 years but in the past 6 weeks bought a car and a nifty big girl watch. I now have to stop!

So that's been my trip so far. Tomorrow I land at around 2:00. It will b good to be home and back into my routine. See you then!

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