Thursday, July 23

The work is too hard

I work with some really good people. Some drive me nuts but for the most part I like them.

Take my sales guy, Clark. He's got an affable, huggable, dad kind of thing going for him. He can be very demanding but he works on my biggest chunk of business and I've learned to work really well with him.

Today Clark called me all up in arms about another company we work with. He was really ticked off at them He called and said "Let's call those knuckleheads and get them back on track. God almighty!"

Clark put me on hold then conferenced the other company in. The trouble is that these people really are knuckleheads and it took a looooong time for them to finally get everyone in a room together to take our call. They kept dropping our line, then we'd call back their receptionist couldn't find them, then they call us on one of our cell phones (which doesn't do a bit of good for conferencing) and on and on and on. While we waited (about 15 minutes... I'm not kidding) I could hear Clark tapping away on his computer. We'd chat and sigh from time to time but mostly we worked quietly on our emails and waited. Eventually the follwoing happened and it was my favorite moment of the day:

Lucy: Clark?
Clark: Yeah?
Lucy: Umm, I have to go potty.
Clark: ...
Lucy: Clark?
Clark: (With all the certainty in the world) Put me on mute and take me in.
Lucy: NO! I hate those people and always double flush just to rat them out. No way!
Clark: Well then you just have to hold it.
Lucy: ...

I have no way of knowing if the receptionist heard us but I hope she did. She was as annoyed with the knuckleheads as we were. I hope it at least made her smile. I know it cracked me up.

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