Monday, November 2


Here is what may be my all time favorite blog post ever. It's called "Secret Snack of Shame-a-thon".

I'm very disappointed in myself in that I never thought to make a plate of those delightful looking pretzel/chocolate filling things above. Those are SO being served at my next get together.


shandon said...

PLEASE invite me to your next get-together!

My not-so-secret snack of shame is a warm dip made from a block of cream cheese melted into Hormel turkey chili (no beans). It can only be served with Fritos Scoops, if you want perfection.

kb said...

Oh, I gotta agree with Shandon on that one. I've been making that for years and it is so yummy. And, it's something that I am proud to say I have eaten all by myself on more than one occasion!