Wednesday, March 3

And in time...

Last night my poor dad found me slumped over, in my pjs and robe, staring glassy eyed at the blue glow of the tv. I wasn't clutching a bottle of whiskey but I may as well have been.

Dad: Lucy?
Me: mmm?
Dad: Are you ok?
Me: yeah, why?
Dad: (staring at my neck) ...
Dad: What's around your neck?
Me: My heat pack.
Dad: ...
Me: Oh! You saw the rope handles and thought I'd finally done myself in?
Dad: Well... yeah. Look at you!

Oh dear.

Today was another humdinger that involved watching colleagues get yelled at. I was, fortunately, able to dodge that bullet but it was still unpleasant. It could have spun me out into another downward spiral, and my hyperactive boss didn't help at the end of the day, but I made it through the day.

When I finally got in my car to go home I was feeling sort of numb, and then it happened. I heard the one song on earth that could pull me out of any blue mood. I heard the following on my worth-every-penny satellite radio:

I think that song could wake me from a coma. Seriously, who could be bummed after singing along to that? No matter how bad my day is it's still better than Irene Cara's or the lonely red-headed guy from Fame. Right? (Didn't that guy go on to play that mean Doctor on ER or something?) And why don't we have dance breaks like that at work? It would really make my day so much better. Can someone look into that or me? Thanks.

Within minutes my mood was so improved that I decided to drop by Trader Joe's to pick up the B vitamins that so many of my friends are hopped up on all day (who knew?). Then, miracle of miracles, I found it was the most wonderful time of the year. My favorite bunches of $1.29 daffodils were there waiting for me. I LOVE those things. I wait all year to grab 5-6 bunches of them and every year I wish I'd picked up more. They always smell so earthy and are so cheerful. They made my day.

Between singing the Body Electric, B vitamins and daffodils I think I'm gonna be ok. I also remembered the words of wisdom that my dear friend Stacey's Dad used to write in our cards: DLTLMFGUD. In other words, "Don't let the little mother fuckers get you down". The man was and remains absolutely right.

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kb said...

I've loved Body Electric ever since the Chanteurs sang it in high school. It is definitely a "feel better" song...even if it is a reminder of Mr. Maxson's class :)