Thursday, March 4



I tried the vitamin B6/B-12 today. I placed the little red pill under my tongue and let it dissolve on my drive in to work. By my 9:30 meeting I was waving my hands over my head in an "L" shape, like a Yosemite Sam with his guns, shouting "It's approved! Pow, pow, pa-pa-pow!". My colleague was bent over clutching her sides from laughing so hard. She pretty much spent the rest of the day laughing at me.

What can I say? The B vitamins gave me more energy and definitely improved my mood. I had the best work day in weeks.

When asked how I felt different, I equate it to the feeling I get this time every year. You know how you just plain feel better as spring approaches? You know, when the sun stays out longer and you happen to hear the right song on your way home from work? It's like that. Your mood just naturally improves. It felt like that.

I will definitely be taking more. Pow, pow, pa-pa-pow!

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