Friday, May 28

Summer horror kick off!

So, I received my copy of The Amityville Horror today. I thought reading it again might be a fun way to kick off this nice long weekend. I read The Amityville Horror in about the 7th grade and it scared the hell outta me (as promised on the book cover). However, after some consideration, I thought why not read a scary book that I haven't read before? I promptly dug up the copy of The Exorcist that I've been meaning to read forever.

So far it's a quick read. Regan has already walked into the dinner party, urinated on the rug, stared at the astronaut and said "You're going to die up there". It's getting GOOD! I won't even go into the mysterious desecrations going on at the Catholic Church down the street. Awkward!

Of course, I'm still in the middle of The Forgotten Garden which I'm truly enjoying. I just haven't been in a reading mood. Of course, I'm donating platelets tomorrow and I plan on reading while I'm there but I don't think I can stomach reading The Exorcist with a needle in my arm. Blechh! I'll be switching to The Forgotten Garden for that appointment.

(Yes, Shandon. That's an Exorcist bobblehead up there. Please note the twisty neck detail. I know you want one!)


shandon said...

*sigh* Am I THAT obvious? ;)

Lucy said...

It's TOO hilarious! How could you NOT want one?

kb said...

I love the bobblehead and can totally picture that on my dashboard! So, can I borrow The Amityville Horror when you are done with it? I've never actually read the book.

Lucy said...

What?! You've never read "The Amityville Horror"?! Well I think this may be your lucky summer my friend. then you me and Anne can have a good old fashioned book club lunch about it.