Wednesday, July 23

40 Year Old Virgin

I work with a guy who may possibly be an honest to God 40 year old virgin. Seriously. He's a nice guy and even sort of cute but he is a self admitted nerd and apparently shy with the ladies. Today, in a conference room full of about 25 people, the upcoming Comicon Show came up and all eyes were on this poor guy. Everyone just assumed he could answer the question. To his credit he takes the teasing well and is often self deprecating but sometimes I feel sort of sorry for him. Another friend of mine, Lucy, who happens to be in love with him and is therefore an unbelievable flirt, was sitting next to me and noticed the guy sitting struggling to eat his lunch in his lap because there weren't anymore chairs at the conference table.

My friend Lucy: Hey A, do you want to sit at the table? (Scooting over to make room)
A: I'd love to sit at the table.
Someone else: Yeah, let A sit at the big kids table.
My friend Lucy: Do you want to sit next to me... or do you want to make a Lucy sandwich? (Motioning between us.)
A: (Mumbling almost inaudibly) It might finally make a man of me.

Awwwwww. Now isn't the the saddest thing you've ever heard? Poor baby.

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