Friday, July 4

Uncle Roxy

Remember how my niece is obsessed with my marital status? Well I finally got to the bottom of her obsession.

Last night we spent a lovely evening at my nephew's All-Stars Baseball game. It was a perfect balmy night but the game ran looooong. So long in fact that it finally ended when the sprinklers started during play. It was hilarious! During the game I had a nice chat with with my niece and nephew's other grandmother. She is a widow and was telling me that both of her granddaughters want her to get remarried. We were laughing at the idea when I mentioned Little Miss' constant pressure on me to get married. She explained that Little Miss has realized that she has two aunts but only one uncle. She wants another uncle and was wondering how to get one. Her grandmother explained that Auntie Lucy would have to get married in order for Little Miss to have a brand new uncle.

I had a chance to discuss the matter with Little Miss later in the evening:

Lucy: So, I hear you're hoping to get a new uncle.
Little Miss: Yes.
Lucy: Well, I have an idea. What if, when I buy my new house, I get a new puppy and you call him uncle.
Little Miss: Yeah! But I don't want to call him uncle. Let's get a girl dog and name her Roxy. (I have no idea where the name came from but I admit that I like it a lot.)
Lucy: Ok, and will you babysit Roxy when I have to travel?
Little Miss: Yes!
Lucy: And I don't have to get married?
Little Miss: No.
Lucy: Ok, you're on.

And so it was settled. I feel certain Roxy and I will live happily ever after.

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