Monday, July 7

I've been obsessively messing around online on a fun site called I've been busily building my virtual library. In doing so I've had to sit and think about some of the books I've read including many from my childhood. God only knows how many books I've read. I wish I'd kept a list but I didn't. Instead I'm having to build my list completely from my very spotty memory. I tend to associate books with where I was in my life when I read them. I recall not only where I was when I read them but what was happening in my life when I read them. For this reason it's been a real treat to go back and recall the books that float to the surface of my mind.

The Little House Books, Are you There God? It's Me Margaret, The Amityville Horror, Mommie Dearest? I remember them vividly and loved them all. I recall a bunch I read in high school and college then I skip forward to those I read more recently. Trying to remember them has been better than flipping through a scrapbook.

My all-time favorite list changes from day to day. I know this because last Christmas my dear friend Tony emailed me to ask what my favorites were. I promptly responded with a list and forgot all about it. For Christmas that year, Tony decoupaged a wooden box with copies of the covers of all of my favorite books along with my list of favorites. He filled the box with hand made Ex Libris cards. It's one of the best gifts I've ever received.

My favorites at that time were:
  • All The Presidents Men
  • Slouching Towards Bethlehem
  • Pride and Prejudice
  • The Other Boleyn Girl
  • The Little House books
  • The Poisonwood Bible
The only change I'd make today would be to remove The Other Boleyn Girl and replace it with In Harm's Way or David Copperfield or Washington Goes to War or so many others. It's always such a tough question to think about much less answer. Still, I've had a of of fun reeling in the years of my life as a reader. It also reminds me that I've got so much more to read but, I assure you, I will be keeping a list from now on.

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Anne said...

I've been keeping a list for the last four years, and I'm so glad -- I only wish I'd started doing it sooner.