Sunday, June 15

Slow motion

I'm having a very nice slow paced weekend and I'm so glad. I really needed some down time after last week. This coming week we plan our budgets for '09 and check in on our year end numbers. It's a VERY intense time so I'm glad I got to lie around today. I watched some tv, read the NY Times, herded some puffles on Club Penguin and watched Tiger Woods in the US Open. (He almost makes me want to give golf a try.)

My brother and his family came over for a little while to help celebrate Father's Day. I had an interesting conversation with my niece:

Little Miss: Who will you marry?
Lucy: Maybe nobody.
Little Miss: Will you have kids?
Lucy: Probably not.
Little Miss: Why not?
Lucy: Because husbands and kids are overrated.

Was that wrong of me? My answer seemed to confuse but satisfy her. I suppose I just want her to know a girl has options.

Later, Mom offered everyone some Father's Day cake. My nephew jumped at the chance for some afternoon cake. This is unusual because he can usually take or leave dessert (I know, he's clearly not my child.). My niece, on the other hand, never passes up dessert. Today, however, she kept whining "I don't want any cake." long after it had been offered. Finally I asked "Do you have an eating disorder?" She gave me a completely blank look while my brother laughed.

My brother later told us about his new favorite kid (besides his, of course). A neighbor has a 3 years old named Colby who is a holy terror. The first time My brother met Colby he said hello to her as she shot him an unprovoked glare. She apparently turned to her mother and said "That is a very bad man." My brother thought this was hilarious. A few weeks ago some friends went to Colby's house. They had two boys about 5 and 7 years old. They asked Colby's parents if they thought she'd be ok playing with the older boys. Colby's parents said yes. About 20 minutes later they heard screaming and found Colby driving her Dora the Explorer jeep, wielding a baseball bat and chasing the boys all over the backyard. Another neighborhood girl, around 7 years old, refuses to go to Colby's house because "Colby scratches me!".

Like I said, kids may be entertaining but they are often overrated. I'm so happy I'm an auntie to two very cool kids. Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there. I hope you're kids aren't overrated.

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