Saturday, June 14


Today Heidi and I went to "The Feedbag", as Mom calls it, for lunch. We then made our way to the cineplex to see The Happening. I'm not sure I can recommend it but it was ok. I really shouldn't judge since I viewed much of the film from between my fingers while trying to cover my eyes. The Sixth Sense and Signs remain my favorite M. Night Shyamalan flicks. And speaking of M. Night, that guy must have been up every night for years coming up with new and improved ways for folks to off themselves. Sheesh! Poor Betty Buckley really takes a licking. MAN! About half way through the movie Heidi leaned over while covering her eyes and whispered "That's it, you're not allowed to pick the movies ever again!" Then we laughed until we wheezed.

Later, I spent part of my late afternoon looking up Tony nominated performances on YouTube. I know, I'm a nerd huh? Well the Tony Awards are on tomorrow night and I can't wait. I'm so glad I'm not obsessed with the Lakers or I'd have a real dilemma on my hands. As it is I'll be able to watch the awards without interruption. I've been watching the Tony Awards religiously for only about 10 years. That's around the time I realized I really loved musical theater. I remember seeing Ragtime performed on the show and being struck dumb by it.

I've been checking in on iTunes occasionally to search for Patti in Gypsy with no luck. I finally did some research on it only to find it was just recorded in May but won't be available until August. Sheesh! What the hell have they been waiting for? Did some record company executive out there honestly think folks wouldn't be interested in a Patti Lupone recording as Mama? Lame! I've been listening to my good old Ethel Merman recording of Gypsy instead. Damn is she good. I know she's easy to pick on but the woman had some lungs. The original cast recording is a really good time. I also downloaded the revival cast recording of South Pacific. I'm officially regretting not seeing it last week. I should have spent the money and made the effort. I'm not sure when I'll be back in NYC so I can only hope it tours it's way to LA. *sigh*

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shandon said...

I love the original cast recording of "If Mama Was Married."